A Werewolf's Diary

Follow the dangerous and hurt filled life of Renay.


1. Entry One: October 28

Hello to whoever reads this, if anyone. Sorry if I vent a little too much. My name is Renay.


Today was a boring day at school, fighting my first shift more and more, dealing with ignorant teachers, and most of all having alpha calling me at all times of the day. I went to school, had a normal day got engaged, went to the bus talked with one of my friends and came home with her to stay the night. We got to her home had lunch, went to the store, made brownies, ate the brownies and chocolate, went to the park, felt like we were being stalked, walked home in unease, ate dinner that her mom made, wrote on our books, listened to music, and chilled in the backyard.


I was joking about the engagement thing by the way. Now, back to my first shift. It started a few months ago when I reached my emotional breaking point and thought it was a good time to explode on my household. One night I had finally decided enough is enough and started to take my annoyance out on everyone that talked to me, and that turned into a huge mistake and a bad idea on my part. But, I was not thinking as clearly as normal since I let my emotions take the reins. That all ended up with me being chosen by the strongest wolf pack in the world because I was able to control the first shift I would ever make and stop it completely. That night is when everything started to change with me and everyone in my house. And for me.


Back to today, what I mean by fighting my first shift is that after that one day I have been fighting more and more to stay in my human form. It has become a small nuisance, but a normal part of my day the past threeish months. I am at a very young age to start my shifts considering I am only fifteen and the age for first shifts is eighteen. Its hard on Alpha, considering I was born into an all human family. Strange to think that a WEREWOLF was born into an all human family, don't you think? So, what do you think? Should I go live with the pack and leave this family, or tough it out with the humans till I am of age to leave on my own? Alpha says that I should come live with the pack, but I don't know what to do.

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