A Werewolf's Diary

Follow the dangerous and hurt filled life of Renay.


4. Entry Four: November 2

To start off today I felt like I was on fire after last night's little wolf fight, as I call it. Basically, it's where I start to shiver for no reason, my skin is very itchy for no reason, then out of nowhere  my body goes up in so much heat all at once it feels like I jumped into a fire and stayed there. I felt like that all night long.


Even now thirteen hours late I feel like I am on fire, but if I take off my jacket and wear a T-shirt I shiver since nothing is keeping in my body heat. I am beginning to wonder if it is my wolf coming out prematurely, which almost never happens in werewolf history. Let alone my unmatched strength and high anger levels that Alpha is forced to keep a very close eye on me since I am no match for his strength after a half hour of fighting in hand to hand human fights, not wolf fights. That I haven't done yet, except with three of four wolves and me in human form learning to control my streingth as a human before I learn to harness my wolf.

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