A Werewolf's Diary

Follow the dangerous and hurt filled life of Renay.


5. Entry Five: November 3

Well, I can't remember anything of yesterday, and before you ask it's because I have to numb my senses in order for me to deal with his calls. The only thing is that I have no sense of what I am doing, or anything else. I wish Alpha would just come and get me from here, as to not have me deal with his call. If he took me from my human family I would be able to come to his call a lot more than I am now, which for reference is never.


Even now that I am numbing my senses I still feel the stab of pain slightly and my head is starting to hurt with the effort of fighting off the call and numbing my senses. I feel him very close by when I am outside with my class, almost as if he is watching me from somewhere I can't see him. Inside I don't  have as many problems with the call as I do out of the building. It's hard to ignore it when he is so close to me. And to top it all I am sure he has half the pack watching the building with him so that they don't miss any chance to talk to me that they get. But since I am going to be semi-safe from them.

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