A Werewolf's Diary

Follow the dangerous and hurt filled life of Renay.


12. December 6

Oh my Floofing god! I have had it with this mundane life! Can I just leave now? Leaving sounds like the best idea yet! Leave and I don't have to deal with any stupid human life. I could very well just live with the pack, but I don't care if I am a member I will NOT do whatever they want. NOT ONE BIT!


This rogue seems to want to follow me everywhere, but HE WON'T SHOW IS COWARDLY LITTLE FACE! At his point, I am going to show him a piece of my mind if he does, or if I manage to get the time to track him dow I will. I wish I could do something with my wolf, but I have nothing to do.


Now I have drama in my human family that I think it would be so much easier to deal with life. I want to leave. Leave and let my wolf take over that would be awesome let her choose what we do for a while before I take back over. Live with my wolf in most of the control for a week and not deal with mundane problems. If only that reality could come true right now, but I would be more vulnerable that way.

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