A Werewolf's Diary

Follow the dangerous and hurt filled life of Renay.


23. April 27

I hate moving! Leave one pack and not know if there's another pack where you will be going! God, why did I even agree to move in the first place? I curse myself for not joining a nomadic pack that can't get in trouble for being in another territory! Its not fun being the town rouge. Not at all, but the finally let me join the pack. They don't live the life of a normal pack, everyone is assigned a sector of the territory and they have to defend it with there lives. I have done good to survive three different scout groups of ten or more. All of the groups I have attacked are huge, twice my size and a lot more training then I have. They can fight as wolves, but I am forced to stay human because I don't have that kind of training. I am lucky to be alive. Tomorrow the Alpha said he would give me a few basic techniques that I am to use in order to improve my wolf's skill in fighting. And, when I have those down and have my own as well my sector neighbors are to help me with sparing matches. And you are NOT allowed to show up in human or leave in human form. I am going to die in this pack if I cant help myself.

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