A Werewolf's Diary

Follow the dangerous and hurt filled life of Renay.


17. A New Start (January 11)

Well, I am one of the happiest wolves around right now. I learned that my old Alpha Jared is actually alive. The only thought in my head is, "I have my brother back!" I am sorry if this is short, but I am in a million and one places today. I will give a fast run down. I learned he was still alive two days ago. I went to see him one night and learned that everyone I thought had died was actually alive and in a new pack. Jared said I could be in his pack. I accepted and let the other. Alex had been found close to the camp and dragged to Jared's home while we were talking. Jared accepted that I found my mate and said that he could be in the pack if I chose so, but I left that up for them to decide between the two and walked out while they did. I went back an hour later and they decided that he would be apart of the pack if he drops his past which he did very willingly and quickly. It also gave a chance for me to make friends with Alex and catch up with Jared.

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