The Flower Alone

What if Lily had been out shopping when Voldemort attacked, and James had given himself up for Harry? What if Lily had survived, and is now raising Harry alone?


1. One

Lily walked down the street in Godric's Hollow, carrying bags from her favorite Muggle grocery store. As she walked purposefully along, she became aware that something was wrong. People were gathered in front of her house, and they were yelling, shouting, screaming. Lily sped up, and her house came into view. 

The section of roof above Harry's room was completely demolished. It was caved in in other places, and several windows were shattered. The front door was blasted to bits, and, through the doorway, Lily could see that the inside of the house was destroyed.

Dropping the bags, Lily ran towards the house. Upon seeing her, the crowd parted and let her through. Lily ran into the house and raced from room to room. The house was completely destroyed. The worst part, however, was when she entered Harry's nursery.

The roof was caved in. Everything was either scattered or destroyed. Stuffing from dolls was strewn across the room. But what made Lily's heart stop was what was lying on the floor.

James was lying on the floor, his blank eyes staring at the ceiling. His arms were spread-eagle and covered in wood and plaster. Lily let out a strangled sob, and sank to her knees, cradling James in her arms. She sobbed and sobbed for who knows how long. The only thing that made her come back to reality was the sounds of a baby crying. Lily jerked her head up, and saw Harry standing in his crib, gripping the bars and crying. Lily grabbed him, cradling him in her arms and whispering thanks that he was alive. She hurried down the stairs, looked around, and disappeared into the night. 

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