Truth or Dare

A game of Truth or Dare takes the wrong turn...who's next?


1. Chapter 1

"Hey Sofia!" 

"Hey Eliza, what's up?"

"I was just wondering if you and the friends want to come to my house tonight for a spooky game of truth or dare, seeing it is Halloween!" 

"Sounds fun to me! I'll let the others know, we'll be there!"

Halloween is always great celebrating with friends, so each year my friends and I went to each others house to play some spooky games, and this time it is my turn. Truth or dare, here we come!


"Eliza, your friend's are at the door," My mother told me in the lounge. "Now, I want you all to behave well as you normally do. There's a good supply of food in the fridge and pantry and I have put out some blankets and pillows for y'all to get comfy. Your father and I will be back in around 4 hours, so about 11pm. If you need anything just give a ring to my cellphone. We better be going now, the taxi is waiting for us," My mother gave me a brief set of instructions, but she knows I never go that crazy when I'm home alone, so she trusts me. 
"Alright mother, thank you and have fun at the dinner!" I told them as I let my friends in the house and shut the door after my parents left.

"This is going to be so fun! I love spooky nights like these, and playing truth or dare, even better!" Kelly seemed like she was about to burst with excitement. She was the one who is probably the bravest of us all and always gives us a fright.

"Kelly promise me you won't scare me when I come out of the bathroom, I don't even know if I should ever go to the bathroom tonight now!" Leah on the other hand, is frightened of everything really! 

"Hey, where's Sof-" Just as I could finish my sentence, Sofia grabbed my shoulders from behind and made a large 'rawr' sound. Oh right, Sofia is probably the scariest, you never know when she'll be behind you.

"Okay everyone, it looks like it's getting dark outside. I'll put some blankets and pillows in the center of the lounge and put some food too so we can get cosy for a game of truth or dare!" I have never been so excited, but then I had a small lingering thought in my mind telling me not to take this game too far...


After everything was set up, we all sat down cosily near the fireplace and decided who will start. "Leah, let's say you start, so then you won't need to be the first one picked!" Sofia advised. 

"Hmm, okay. Kelly, truth or dare?"

"Dare, of course!" Kelly positively said. I would have picked truth just to get things rolling but Kelly likes to get straight into things.

"Woo, you go girl! Let's see.....I dare you to go sit at the front porch outside, in the dark, for 1 minute!" Leah exclaimed, proud of her 'scary' dare.

"Uh, sure!" Kelly did not seemed frightened a bit, so went outside and shut the door as Sofia started her stopwatch. 

After 1 minute, I shouted out to Kelly from inside to tell her to come back in. But there was no reply.

"Maybe she's just trying to prove that she can stay out for longer," Leah joked. I didn't think so, since we already know she's brave. I went out the door and I froze. 

Kelly was gone.

There was a note on top of Kelly's wollen jacket.



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