Halloween Competition

A demon walks in the shadows.


1. 1

She stalked him like a shadow in the night. The sky was blanketed by ominous clouds of grey. The wind did not dare to disturb the branches of the trees and all was silent. Simon, a small and fragile thing traipsed through the bramble of the forest floor. His arms were stacked high with wood for fire that he had stripped from the bark of a tree. A shallow laugh echoed all around. The wood tumbled from his hands. With great haste he pulled a silver pistol from his pocket. The gun shook in his hands. A twig snapped. Frantically he spun around; trying to find what loomed in the darkness.

“I’m not afraid of you,” he mumbled.       

Something breathed down his neck. In a panic he whirled around, coming face to face with a young girl. Her skin was deathly white and her hair was a soft auburn. She had green, piercing eyes that sent a chill down Simon’s spine. He pointed his gun at her. His brow was slick with sweat. The girl tilted her head and inhaled deeply.

“Poor little rabbit thinks he’s a hunter,” she smirked.

Simon took the safety off his gun.

“Get down on your knees or I’ll...I’ll blow your head off,” Simon warned.

The girl smiled.

“What a funny little rabbit,” she said.

“I’m warning you!” Simon cried.

“Little rabbit your shaking,” the girl told him.

“Shut up!” Simon ordered.

“Poor little rabbit, when I kill you I’m going to rip your sister limb from limb,” the girl laughed.

Simon pulled the trigger. There was an explosion of noise and the girl fell limp on the floor. Simon wiped the tears from his eyes. He had never killed before. Slowly, he approached the girl’s body. Iron usually did the trick. He kneeled over her and pressed his ear to her chest. There was no thud of a heartbeat to be heard.

“I’m so sorry,” he said.

He knew that the poor girl, that the evil thing had possessed, had probably been innocent. He brought out his cross and prayed for her soul. The girl’s eyes flew open. They were as black as night. She bared her teeth in a sinister smile then lunged at the boy. She ripped the flesh from his neck using only her teeth. Simon collapsed, dead to the floor. 

The girl rose from her position over the boy and continued on into the night, all Hallows eve was the sole night that she was free from the pit and she would ensure that it wasn't wasted.

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