Calling from the grave


5. the fight

Kylie's pov:

So, as I was putting my stuff away in Darcy's room with Elisabeth,I saw a book of some sort. I looked around to make sure that no one was watching . I picked up the book and realized that it was actually a phone case . I then remembered that Darcy made a secret phone case since she was in 3rd grade. I opened the book and as I had expected, their was Darcy's phone. I was trying to guess the password but was quickly interrupted by someone's voice. It was Darcy's.

Darcy's pov:

I was searching for my phone because I wanted to text my best friend . As I was walking into my room,I saw Kylie playing on my phone.


K: I was just about to leave it alone .I'm sorry

"Well you don't just go through people's stuff !!!"

K: well I said I'm sorry, you don't need to scream!!!

"Well sorry doesn't change anything "

E: woah woah woah ! Stop fighting!you guys need to calm down !

"Well she's the one who started !!!"

K: I wasn't the one who was screaming "

E: guys,we're leaving tomorrow. Trust me,we do not want to be in a bad mood

K: Well maybe I will always be in a bad mood because she's in my life...

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