Calling from the grave


10. hair straightener

Darcy's dad pov:

My wife is devastated,my daughter is dead,and the police is blaming me for the fire!?! That is crazy.

Police: we've found a hair straightener in the house

"and what does that have to do with the fire or my daughter?"

Police: It was still plugged in and we think that the hair straightener started the fire

What!?! A hair straightener started the fire!?!

Police: anyways, they said that they will fixe the house after you sign this contract since we don't know who started it.

"Ok, I'll just..."

someone was calling me...wait,was that Darcy's phone number. Wasn't she dead ?

" Um... I think someone dogged up my daughter's grave!!!"

Police: ok , I'm on it. CODE 321, I REPEAT, CODE 321.

The police drove away and I entered the half burnt house.

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