Calling from the grave


11. calling Kylie

Darcy's pov:

I called my dad ,my mom and Elisabeth . I couldn't call my brothers because they were in Germany.My last hope was Kylie. I know I had a fight with her but I still love her and she's still my cousin. I then called Kylie...she answered.


She then hanged up on me. That's it, my life was over . I then heard someone.


I was really lucky. Someone got me out. I thanked them and quickly went into a taxi and drove home.

Kylie's pov:

I was at Starbucks because I had to get out and get some fresh air. Darcy died and I needed a little break. My phone started ringing. Oh , it was just Darcy's phone number...WAIT, DARCY'S ALIVE!?! I answered just to make sure that it was her .

Darcy: Kylie?

It was her. Darcy was alive. I went to my car and drove to the cemetery. She was probably stuck or got out and didn't know where she was.

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