Calling from the grave


6. after the fight

Darcy's pov:

I was straightening my hair for tomorrow but keep thinking about what Kylie said. Did she really meant that? Does she really wanted me dead? I stopped thinking about it and went quickly to bed. Tomorrow's gonna be a great day…

Kylie's pov:

After the fight I had with Darcy, I was regretting a little what I said to her. WAIT WAS I !?! She was the one that got mad for only being on her phone.Anyways I had to go to bed, I had a big day tomorrow, and like Elisabeth said...we do not want to be in a bad mood .

Elisabeth's pov:

I finally stopped Darcy and Kylie's fight. They always had fights and always will ,but Kylie was wrong to say that.As I was sleeping,I smelled fire. WAIT WHAT!?! WAS The HOUSE ON FIRE!?! We had to get out of here. We were stuck so I called 911. They got me out, uncle and auntie Nevermore,a few moments later Kylie,she wasn't going that well but ...they didn't got out Darcy. I started to get nervous. Where was she? They finally got her out ,but she wasn't moving. What happened to her ?

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