Calling from the grave


12. accused

Darcy's pov:

I finally got home. I entered the house. Everyone was shocked.

Dad: Darcy?

"Yes I'm alive...what are you doing?"

Dad: they don't know who started the fire so I have to sign this paper ,they think this hair straightener started It.

"Wait my hair straightener...oh...I think I forgot to unplug it."

Police: so now that we know, you don't have to sign or pay.

Dad:well,I guess we don't have to...wait,was that really you who was calling me?

"Yes, why?"

Dad: I sent the police to check if someone dogged up your grave...wait, WHERE IS KYLIE !?!

Kylie's pov:

I finally arrived at her grave. It was all dogged up. SOMEONE DOGGED UP HER GRAVE !?! I soon heard sirens.

Police: mam...your under arrest for digging up a grave.

WAIT WHAT!?! I didn't even do it.

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