Twigs crunch, trees fly by, the sky grows darker.


1. Waiting

    •Chapter 1•

I jerked up and ripped off my covers screaming. I had broken into a cold sweat and I was hugging myself sobbing. I looked outside, it was pitch black. The dream had come earlier tonight than usual. I pulled out my phone, still shaking and called Kaden. “Pick up, pick up, pick up…” I mumbled pacing my room.

“Hello?” a scratchy voice said through the phone.

“Kade, it happened again.” I said as I looked outside at the dark woods.

“Again? What is new this time?”

“He got me,”

“What do you mean, he got you?”

“I was running through the woods, just like last time. I had turned to try and get a good look at him, but… he picked up a rock and threw it at me.”

“Wait, a rock? So he isn’t a ghost…”

“Of course not!” I closed the blinds.

I thought about when the dreams first started, it was just a few months ago. I had a dream that I was running through the woods, it had seemed so real. The next night, I heard something following me. Every night since, more and more was added to the dream. Kaden is the only one who knows. I tried telling my parents, but they thought it was nothing. “Are you okay?” Kaden broke the silence.

“I don’t know, Kade. I feel like it’s real, it just…. It seems so real…” I trailed off. Kaden sighed, “Just try to get some sleep and we will talk in the morning.”

“Okay… Good night.” I hung up. I laid in bed with the covers pulled up to my chin and my phone clutched in hand. I didn’t move until I saw the light flood through my blinds.

    My feet pressed against the marble floors, my fingers gliding across the smooth wall, I took shallow breaths as I walked down the hall.


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