Twigs crunch, trees fly by, the sky grows darker.


4. hospital beds and monsters in my head

•Chapter 4•

 Tears blurred the white streaks of the floor in the hospital. My feet pounded as I ran down the hall. A woman stepped in front of me, "honey, you can't go past here." She put we hand on my shoulder.

"I have to," I didn't look up when I spoke.

"Are you a family member to one of the patients?"

"In a way,"

"I'm sorry, unless you are legally family, you can't..." she trailed off as she saw the tears streaking down my face. She paused then looked behind her shoulder, "maybe.... just maybe I can get you in for a short visit." She turned and I followed.

"Who are you going to see?" She typed on her computer behind a counter.

"Kaden Hunter," my palms were sweaty. Flashes of his body lying on the road came back to me. A fresh wave of tears rolled down my face. His eyes rolling and his body shaking violently. Blood decorating the blacktop reflected in the setting sun. I turned away. Regret made me ache inside.

The woman walked out from behind the counter, "dry your tears." she said wiping them off my face, "you don't want to scare the patient, now do you?" She smiled.

"You're- you're much nicer than most nurses" I said as we walked down a hall and made a right.

"Well, I have seen the look you gave me before..." she trailed off. I didn't ask for more information.

"Here you are, dear." She rested her fingers on a handle, "don't say anything or I might get in some trouble." She handed me a pass and walked away. I was confused for a moment, but then I read the pass, "family member". That almost made me smile. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

I wasn't prepared for what I saw next. He looked completely.... fine. No bruises, no scratches, nothing. But then I looked at his face, his eyes were rolling and he looked like he was in an immense amount of pain. "Kade..." I whispered. I took a step toward his bed and stopped. I couldn't see him like this.

I turned to leave when I heard, "Bryn," The voice came out as a faint whisper I could hardly hear. I turned to look at him. He looked like he was asleep so it couldn't have been him. But then Kades lips parted and he whispered, "Bryn,"

I jumped slightly. But I took a breath and walked over to his bedside. I pulled up a chair and stared at the wall for hours. I flashed back to earlier that day. I had gotten mad at him. If I hadn't told him to go, he wouldn't be here right now. If I hadn't gone in shock when he was lying on the road, he could have been awake right now. Tears strolled down my cheeks. I started sobbing and slipped to the floor. Kaden was going to die, and it was all my fault.



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