Twigs crunch, trees fly by, the sky grows darker.


2. Breakdown

•Chapter 2•

Looking out the window, I saw the sun start to rise above the peaks. I opened the window feeling the crisp breeze flow through my hair. I sat on the ledge looking at the fields, mountains, and the forest in the distance. I sat there thinking about the forest, no matter how bright the day, it still looked dark. Inside, it feels like the light gets sucked away. I remember the day I went into the forest. We were having a picnic one Sunday afternoon with Kaden's family. I was five then. I decided to go to the forest even though my mom constantly reminded me not to. Kade followed me to the forest edge and stopped, "Bryn come back! Bryndie!"

I didn't listen. I ran into the forest and everything went black. I remember waking up to pitch black, the sun had gone down and the wind was howling. I wandered through the gnarled trees crying silently. After what felt like hours, I heard voices in the distance. After that day, I never went into the woods again. The doctor had said nothing was wrong with me. After tons of tests, they couldn't figure out why I blacked out.

A noise sounded from downstairs. I slowly climbed back through the window and tip toed down the stairs. I looked around the corner into the dark kitchen.y heartbeat quickened and I felt my palms get sweaty. "Honey?"

I jumped and tripped on a jacket sitting on the steps, I fell down to the floor, "mom?"

"What is going on? I thought you said you were over your fear?"

"Mom," I said forcefully, "it's not fear. It's superstition. There is a difference." I opened the blinds and grabbed a bowl.

"I'm going to work-"

"You have to work today? But I thought you said..."

"Hun, I need to work more hours this week. I'm sorry," she kissed me on the forehead and walked out the door.

I ate cereal and sat on the couch to think. Flashes of the dream came back to me. The feeling of horror overtook me. I was hyperventilating on the floor. Tears stained my cheeks and fell to the floor.

The doorbell rang and someone knocked at the door. It was Kade, I could tell by his knock. When we were kids, we thought we were spies. so we created secret codes and knocks;Apparently, it stuck.

I stood up abruptly and wiped the tears from my face. I passed a mirror on the way to the door, my eyes were puffy and red. The doorbell rung again and I heard Kade say, "Come on Bryn, I know you're in there," he peeked through the window. I rolled my eyes and smiled. I opened the door a crack, "she isn't home," I hid my face so he wouldn't see that I was crying.

"Bryn?" All the joking in his voice drained away. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine, but you cant-"

He softly pushed open the door, "you okay?" He pulled me into a hug. I took a shaky breath trying to hold the tears back, but a few escaped and rolled down my checks.

"It will be all right, the dreams will go away,"

"But how can you know for sure?" My voice was muffled from my face being in his shoulder.

"I promise, I'll find a way to fix this."

A small sob escaped from my mouth. I pulled away and wiped my cheeks, "thanks Kade," I felt my face grow hot, I hate showing weakness....especially in front of Kade.

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