The Cure

Time is ticking, Calla Calder Lost her parents two years ago in a very tragic accident, until today when she and her brothers moved to Mythic Hills where they were born and where their parents met as soon as they moved, later on the mysteries of Mythic Hills began to unfold.


1. Going back


My brothers and I along with our Uncle load the car's trunk, as soon that it was loaded we all got in and my uncle turned the engine and drove off. It was twenty-seven degrees in Hidden City, the sky, a perfect cloudless sky where you can see the sun shining brightly. The car ride is a four-hour journey to Mythic Hills, a small town in Riverside City.

Population, five thousand three hundred forty - two.
It's been thirteen years since we went here, this place is the place where we were born Axel and Ace got to study there during their preschool years but not me,
Hours have passed by, we passed by cars, trees, farm houses and more cars.
We finally came into a stop, I looked out of the car window in front of me is an old two-story mansion like house.

" This is it guys, welcome back. ", Chris said.
We all got down and got our luggages, I opened the front door and saw two spiral staircase.

" So Calla and Ace Your room is on the left side and Axel yours would be on the right side same as mine. ", Chris Said.

I went to my room and started to unpacked and fixed some stuff, I placed some clothes inside my closet and changed my outfit.
As I got out of my room I saw Chris fixing a portrait down the hallway.

" Hey Chris ", I shoved my hands inside my pants as I approach him.

" Hey what's up ",

" I just want to erm... ask if I can stroll around town ",

" Oh well yeah sure just be careful and be back before six ",

" Thanks ", I smiled and went back to my room to grab some few things.

Strolling around is fun, I went inside the graveyard and started looking for my parents tombs.
a few looks around and I finally saw their tombs

Here Lies
Elena Calder
John Calder

" Hey Mom, Dad ", I smiled.
I sat in front of their tomb smiling as if their still alive, I stared at it for a couple of minutes, suddenly feeling as if someone was watching me, I looked around the place but no one is there I checked the time and it was already quarter to six, I got up and started to to walk away and I could feel that someone is really looking at me.

" Hey I'm back. ", I shut the door and went to the dining area where I assumed where they would be and my assumption is right. The table is set and they were all sitting there waiting for me.

" Hey. ", I smiled and sat down beside Ace.

" Hey where did you go? ", Ace asked.

" I walked. ", I got some mashed potatoes and grilled beef and started stuffing my face.

" And? ",

" And I visited mom and dad's grave at mythic memorial. ", Everyone got silent.

" How was it? ", Axel Asked and Ace still sat in silence.

" Good actually it's like they never left ", I smiled sadly and resume eating.
We all sat and ate in silence until Chris broke it when he fake coughed.
" So tomorrow you three would start school and I want the best behavior from you three specially you Ace since you're the oldest." we all said yeah and ate again.

We All went to our room and I prepared my stuff for tomorrow. Tomorrow would be a new beginning of my new life, I was born and spent my first four years of life here but unlike Axel and Ace they got to spend their elementary years here, well few years and probably made some few friends.
The only thing I hope for tomorrow is that it'll go well till Graduation.


Author's Note:

Hi so this is like the first time I'm writing this kind of story where there are supernatural creatures and stuff but if you guys have ideas for the next chapter or upcoming chapters let me know, your thoughts are important!

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