Wings | Jeon Jungkook

"Why must I run...when I need you? This fire inside of me has pushed me to find the most beautiful moment in that I found you...why can't I have you?"


3. 02

{Kim Sarang} 


"I know! I know! I'm on my way right now. I'll be there in five minutes, I promise." I say to a very angry Sana.

"The party starts in five minutes, idiot!" Sana says, annoyance coating her words.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'll be quick, I promise. Bye!" I say, quickly ending the call before she could start ranting again.


I scramble to find my keys and wallet, then quickly leave my penthouse. 



"You're up in five, Sarang." says one o the staff members. He hands me a mic, as I go through a few runs from the song to warm up my voice. 


A few minutes later he comes back.

"You're upp, Sarang." he says, nodding at me to go up the stage.


I wipe the sweat on mu dress and nervously smile at the staff member. I've been performing all my life, but there's always before-the-performance-jitters.


The spotlight immediately blinds me, blocking my vision of the crowd. I can't even see how many people there are in the room. I look over at the staff member, and nod, signalling him to turn the music on.


A soft ballad penetrates through the speakers, igniting a a spark of excitement inside of me. A spark ignites in my body, sending all the signs of nervousness away. I close my eyes, and all that's left in the room is the music and me. 


{Jeon Jungkook}

Her dress is a piercing blue, complementing her light skin. Her hair rests in waves on her shoulders. Everything about her is just so beautiful. I'm to caught up in her beauty to even notice that she's begun to sing. I've always admired her passion for music. This moment, right now, reminds me of how much her love for music is. Her eyes are closed and her expression displays a look of sadness, as she sings about a lost love. I smile... she's so beautiful. Suddenly, a hard pang hits my chest...god I've missed her. 


so sorry this chapter is short! i'm so busy with other things :/

hopefully, next chapter will be long, to make up for the long delay and short chapter. lots of love! ^-^

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