Wings | Jeon Jungkook

"Why must I run...when I need you? This fire inside of me has pushed me to find the most beautiful moment in that I found you...why can't I have you?"


2. 01

{Kim Sarang}


Lights flash above reading “BIGHIT’S  12TH ANNIVERSARY!”. The sign is there to promote for the big party ahead, but everyone is already bustling about talking about it, that there really was no need for a huge sign.


“Are you ready for tonight?” asks my best friend, Sana, a fellow trainee at bighit. She enters her combination and her locker swings open.


“Yeah...what i’m not ready for is this callback audition.” I say, still watching the lights flash overhead. Bighit is having an anniversary party for all of the idol, trainees, and staff that work here. Every single party, that Bighit hosts, Bang PD-nim picks out a few idols and trainees to perform at the party. This year, I’m one of the lucky few that got picked.


Sana slams her locker closed, snapping me out of my trance.

“Have they told you why they’re forcing you to re-do it?”

I shrug.

“Probably the same reason - I didn’t follow the given choreography.”


“Why don’t you anyways?” she asks, tilting her head in confusion.


“It’s hard to explain...the music just controls my body and i start creating random dance moves. I can’t help it.” I explain, my own look of confusion growing on my face.


“Well it isn’t bad. Did you see the footage one of the trainees got of you free styling?" Sana’s brown orbs glisten as she stares at me with admiration.


“Yeah i saw it…” I say, sighing. Having my dance moves broadcasted to the whole country wasn’t exactly my idea of showing them off. It was a bit embarrassing.


“It was so cool!” Sana says, clapping her hands together.


“Yeah I guess so…” I mutter. Sana knows I don’t like to discuss that video, but I don't blame her for it. After all she is my friend.


“Are you going to free style anytime soon again?” she presses.


This time I don’t answer. I’m drowned in my own thoughts.


“I should go,” I finally say, flashing her a small smile so she knows I’m not upset. “See you tonight.”


The halls still swarm with restless trainees, so nobody sees my slip into Instructor Park’s empty dance studio. I leave the lights off and let my own instinct guide me through the black space.


When I reach the instructor's desk, I feel along the sides until my fingers com in contact with a radio. Knowing I shouldn’t, I turn the music on anyways.


Music blasts through the tiny device, sending familiar tingles throughout my body.


Slowly, my body starts to respond to the music, moving and flowing along with the beat. I let the music control me until I become the music itself. Creating the beat as my feet dance along the floor, and creating the notes with my flowing body.


“Wow, I might actually not force you to do this audition.”


The lights switch on and it takes a few moments until my eyes adjust to the brightness.


“My apologies.” I dip forward in a respectful bow.


Jeon Jungkook.


He’s changed a lot since the last time I saw him. His hair, brown instead of black, still sweeps over his forehead and his dark chocolate brown eyes still easy to get lost in. But three years can really mature a boy.


“No need to apologize, your audition is over.” he says, striding over towards the radio and switching it off.


I blink



“You are the one scheduled for a four o’clock audition correct?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.


“Y-yes that's me...but why? I haven’t even done the following requirements.”


“That performance was enough. It was pretty good.” he compliments, inspecting me carefully.


His gaze and sudden friendliness startle me into silence. I stare back at his brown orbs wondering if my friend is still in there.

No greeting. No friendly hug. I would almost assume he didn’t remember me.

“It’s nice to meet you.” he murmurs, snapping me out of my trance.


“Uh-yes, it’s a pleasure to meet you too. I should get going now. I'm quite sure you have a busy schedule so I’ll leave you to it.”


I leave the room before he says anything else. But I catch a small bit of what he was gonna say next.




He does remember me.




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