I Am Not Afraid To Walk This World On Tour

This is the sequel to I Am Not Afraid To Walk This World Alone.

Safe from her father, Riley is asked on tour with My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. She believes for a while that her struggles are over, but are they?


2. Chapter Two - We're Gonna Miss The Flight!

We trudge through the airport a few hours later, Gerard and Lindsey walking in front of me holding hands, while Bandit skipped along in front of them. I continuously turn my head, looking this way and that, Dad's threat racing around my head. I have my black and grey suitcase (courtesy of Ray) in my hand and my guitar on my shoulder. I look down as I feel a hand slide into my free one. I go to pull it away as I look up and see Patrick walking beside me. I feel my shoulders loosen and become less tense.

"Thank you." I whisper, barely audible over the ruckus of people.

"You were beginning to panic. I could see it from across the airport. Thought you might want a little support." He whispers back. I giggle and nod.

"What are you two talking so quietly about?" Pete comes up behind us, making me jump. Gerard turns round and looks shocked to see the two of them beside me.

In the last few months, since Dad went to jail, everyone had been home to see their families. Bandit and Lindsey had moved into the shared house with me and Gee, so I wouldn't be left alone. Everyone had brought their families around at one point or another to see how I was and at on point we had a huge meal with everyone's families. After hours of arguing on Face Time, we decided to meet at the airport.

"Pete!" Patrick chuckles and hugs him. Pete hugs him back and then hugs me. I embrace him tightly breathing in his cologne.

"God, I missed you lot." I sigh, then pause. "I mean I only missed the cologne and hugs stinking out the place, but I guess Gee filled that a bit." I chuckle as Pete frowns. I lightly punch his arm. "I'm joking!" He punches me back lightly and I freeze a little when his hand brushes mine, but I shake it off.

We run after Gerard and Lindsey.

"Have you seen anyone else yet?" Pete asks as we make our way through the airport. I shake my head.

"No. Patrick got here just before you and I have only been with Gee and the girls so far."

At that moment, we hear cheers and shouts. We all look up to see Ray, Andy, Joe and Frank walking over. Gerard drops his suitcase and hugs them all individually. I wait until they have finished hugging it out before I rush over and leap into Frank's arms. He holds onto me tightly.

"Loving the jacket! Where'd you get it?" He chuckles. I laugh with him before thanking Ray for the suitcase and telling the Andy and Joe how much I have missed them. I hug them all again in a group and it seems like forever before we let go. We only turn around when we hear Gee sigh.

"What's up?" Ray asks.

"Turns out that Mikey went to get Brendon and now they are stuck in traffic." Gerard reads off of his phone. "Mikey said they might not make it in time for the flight."

Everyone groans and I feel my phone go off. I look down at it, expecting a text from Mikey.

Hi Sweetie. 
I'm so sorry for everything.
I understand if you don't want to talk to me, but please just give me a chance.
I love you SO much!
See you at Heathrow airport in a few hours.
Lots of love, 
Mum xxx

I drop the mobile phone. The woman I haven't seen in eight years has just messaged me saying "see you in a few hours"? What the hell? First Dad, now this! I look up and see everyone staring at me.Gerard bends pick up my phone, but I get there first. I switch it off and push it into my rucksack. Maybe it's a wrong number. Logical. Lots of women are mothers... I put the bag over my shoulder again and pick up the handle of my suitcase.

"Riley?" Joe asks.

"Yeah?" I smile and act like everything is normal. Like I did not just get a message from my possible mum.

"What was that?" Andy asks, lifting his sunglasses off of his eyes.

"What was what?" I reply, trying to convince them to change the subject, but I feel my voice pitch raise. Pete catches my eye and clears his throat.

"It probably wasn't anything guys. You worry too much. Let's just worry about Mikey for now, yeah?" Everyone looks at him incredulously, but I mouth him a thank you. He rolls his eyes and turns to talk to Andy.

I sigh and look towards the doors to the airport, sitting down on my suitcase. We wait for about ten minutes. Gee is talking with Lindsey, Bandit is running circles trying to catch people's attention, Ray, Frank, Pete and Andy are talking quietly amongst themselves and Patrick and Joe are playing a very intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. I look up, along with the others, as we hear a loud shout. Mikey is running towards us through the airport with Brendon Urie, of Panic! At The Disco, hot on his heels. We all pick up our luggage and laugh as Mikey tumbles into Gee. Just then, an announcement is called over the speakers and we're racing to our plane. Gee suddenly stops and turns to Lindsey.

"We're gonna miss the flight!" Ray yells at him. Lindsey kisses me and Gee on the cheek and I hug Bandit. We wave goodbye as we start running again. This is it. I'm going on tour with the people who were my idols, only a few months ago. As I pull myself through the gate, looking at the two once more, Patrick squeezes my hand and we head to the plane...

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