I Am Not Afraid To Walk This World On Tour

This is the sequel to I Am Not Afraid To Walk This World Alone.

Safe from her father, Riley is asked on tour with My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. She believes for a while that her struggles are over, but are they?


5. Chapter Five - The Dreams Aren't Real

""I didn't realise I would flip out like that..." I say into Frank's shoulder.

"I'm going to be honest, I'm glad you did. If you hadn't, I would've." Gerard sighs, rubbing my back. 

We sit for about half an hour at the edge of a field, rain pouring down on us. I shiver and lean more into Frank who wraps his arm around me. A car pulls up and an old man looks out. 

"Either of you Gerard Way?" He asks. Frank and I point at Gee as he stands up. He walks over and begins a quiet conversation with the driver. A few times they look over at us, but then continues talking. We stand up and carry our luggage to the car. The driver pulls towels out of his boot and hands them to us. "You lot look like you've been out here a while." He chuckles and climbs back in the driver seat. Gee helps me wrap a towel around myself, my protests meaning nothing to him. He wraps a towel around himself and passes the final one to Frank, before climbing in the car. I jump in the back, Frank joining me moments later. I lean against him and the car drives away. Frank and Gerard make conversation with the driver, while my thoughts drift away. I imagine life with my Mum.

"Riley!" Ryan calls running down the path as I get home from school.

"Hey buddy!" I cheer lifting him onto my waist. "How was your day?"

"It was good! We went shopping and bought you-"

"Ryan! What happened to keep it a secret!" Mum shouts, walking out of the front door.

"Sorry, Mummy!" He laughs, struggling to get down from my arms. I chuckle and put him down, embracing Mum as she comes over. I still miss the boys, of course I do, but I have a family now. My own family. 



"I got Ryan a gift earlier, can I give it to him?"

"Sure! What is it?"

"Uh... Well, I got him an Xbox."

"Oh! He'll enjoy that!"

"You aren't mad?"

"Why would I be?" Because I'm doing it to find Gee... I need to know how they are doing.

"Riley?" I look down. "Riley?" I hear Frank. I look up in shock and see Frank's face on Mum's body.

"What the hell?" I scream.

"Riley? Why are you screaming?" I put my hand on my ears and scream as the Frank/Mum mix grabs my shoulders. 

"Riley? Are you okay?" I look up and see Frank in front of me. Just Frank. Not Mum. Only Frank. "Why the hell were you screaming?" He asks, concerned. 

"I-I-" I sigh, "I don't know."

"You should get her head checked out. Something isn't right up there." The taxi driver says.

"You don't know my story. You can't judge me." I say, bitterly.

"Sorry love. Didn't mean no harm."

"Don't. Call. Me. That." I say, pausing between each word. Frank gently places his hand on my leg. I smack it away and face away from him. Why? Why are you pushing the people you care about away from you? I sigh as the car pulls away.


When we arrive, Patrick and Pete are waiting for us outside the hotel. I get out as soon as the car stops, pulling my luggage out of the boot, before walking rapidly towards the front doors. Pete goes to stop me, but I push past him. 

"Riley?" He calls after me. I hear feet behind me, followed by a hand on my shoulder. I whip around and push it off.

"Get off me!" I yell, causing people to look up. Pete shushes me.

"Ri? What the hell happened?" He whispers.

"I-I-I... Pete!" I cry, before leaning into his chest and sobbing. He rubs my back and takes my suitcase off me. He puts one hand around my shoulder.

"Come on. We've got you a room. It's a suite that you're sharing with Gee and Frank, but there are dividers to separate the rooms." I nod and walk beside him. We reach an elevator and step in. Frank rushes up and squeezes in before the door shuts. 

"You forgot your guitar." He pants, holding the case out. I take it.

"Thank you." I say. "Frank?"


"I'm sorry. I totally understand if you hate me."

"Hey! I don't. I could never hate you."

"Wanna bet?" I chuckle.

"Bring it." He smiles and reaches his hand out. I take it and we stand like that in the elevator, Pete's arm wrapped around my shoulders, his free hand holding my suitcase, and my right hand in Frank's left. We reach the top floor and the lift opens to reveal Brendon and Mikey. 

"We were about to come looking for you!" Mikey laughs as we step out.

"Yeah, we just felt like making you wait." Pete winks and we walk down the hall. "This is your room." He says to me and Frank and opens the door. I gasp. 

"It's huge! Oh my God! I've never seen anything like this!" The boys laugh, but I just stand awestruck. Pete opens another door which he says is my room. I run over to the bed and jump on it, forgetting about the injury on my leg and wincing before sitting up and laughing. "Thank you so much!" I rush over and give them all a hug, lingering on Frank and Pete.

"What for?" Brendon asks.

"For this opportunity. I have never had so much fun in my life."

"I don't remember the flight much, wanna fill me in?" We all laugh as Gee and Patrick walk in.

"We gotta go at some point." Patrick says.

"Wait. Where?"

"Rehearsal. First show at the O2 tonight."

"Oh." I say, looking down. The blood is starting to seep through the bandages.

"Everyone else is there, only us left."

"Am I staying in the hotel?"

"No!" Pete says suddenly, "You're coming too."

"I just want to make sure your leg is okay first." Gee looks down at the bandages. "I'll take that as a no. Guys, we'll see you there. We'll be out in five, I swear."

"Okay. See you there." Everyone leaves, leaving me on the bed with Gerard standing over me. 

"Let's get this sorted."

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