If I could.....


2. My Story (Lauren)

The person who published this book is gonna die......I mean seriously? Who's side is he on?
Anyway, this book will be made my me, was just about scareLAUREN.NOT by the publisher cuz if I had the chance to meet this person he would have had someone to deal with.....ME!!!!


As I was getting ready to go to my friends' houses I saw Conner sleeping in the living room with a bag of crisps and I was just about to scare him when he woke up drool all over his sickening face. But then again, he is a boy and you don't know what to expect from them.I screamed.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking: he is my brother what is the point of screaming if you have lived with him for the past sixteen years? I'll answer that question as easily as I can, he's Conner a terrifying boy. Seriously I mean how low can you get?

Sooo as I was saying:

I screamed, for inside his hair was a massive cockroach, yes the kind of bug that looks like something that you get from a toilet.It had beady eyes and in my opinion looked just like the boy in front of me and Conner rushed for lunch, wondering what mom gave us, but in my opinion, the lunch smelt like mash potatoes and sausages. YUM!!!

"Mom, is it sausages and mash?"I asked waiting for the yes.
My mom simply answered with a shrug, what????? B-b-but the smell? 

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