If I could.....


1. What the Narrator thinks.....

The settlement

The favour
"Mom!Dad!"Cried Lauren,the bigger twin of two siblings,her throat cracking as she bursted her brother's eardrum.
Two middle aged people bursted out of the lounge ready for their 'inspiring' speech after practicing for hours."Conner,I am not standing up to this,what did you do this time?!!"Cried their strict yet sweet mother, pulling her most evilest look.
"No,mom,he just asked me for a FAVOUR!"Lauren replied.
You guys might have guessed the twins didnt quiet settle on the same thing.Within a  moment,Lauren did her usual faint,making sure everybody saw her pale face.Mom and  dad quickly went back to bed not caring as much as to what Lauren just said.
The next day at John White Community school Lauren and her two best friends Gracie and Anisha TRIED to find out what her brother was trying to make her do. In a few minutes(drumroll please),they got.........NOTHING. Although they had enough time to think they were distraced by their ghastadly enemies,Sophie and her mindless minions Tundra and Faun, teasing them about their clothes.I'll tell you about them later,but first I need to tell YOU what the favour was.In a few more chapters.
It was time for Geography and although very clever,Lauren hated anything to do with maps and all those kind of Higglety-Piggelty stuff.With nothing to do Lauren plotted her evil plans on her twin brother whie he was chewing his half chewed pencil in the low set nex door.Sophie sneered at her making sure she got all the 'attention'."Whaaat iiis theee most famous historic bridge to cross the Vltava river?"Barked the teacher in his deep russian accent.
"Charles Bridge."Said Lauren in her usual tone of 'I don't care' kind of voice.
While Mr.Kuznetsov gabbered away,Lauren noted down her usual stuff etc.how to embarrass her brother.
An hour later and math was coming up,the dreaded ring was going to commence in 3..2..1..RRRRRING."Shut that noise up!!"Screeched Lauren,and I think you've already guessed this...a detention.
One more hour to 'relish' the hours of school,thought Lauren, veins popping out of her scorching red eyes.
Mrs.Hudson arrived with the school counseller ready to give Lauren a pice of her mind.With John White Community school half empty the you could hear a drop of a pin on the other side of he school."Come over here!" Shouted the hippy teacher letting go of her long wavy hair,eager to know why Lauren was here.
'Suprisingly' Conner was by her side hanging his face down in his 'I am innocent act' that...you guessed it...never worked.With no one here the teachers sighed(except Mrs.Hudson and the hippy school counseller).30 minutes had gone and they still hdn't sat down.SOMEONES gotta say something!! "Can we sit down or are we gonna stay like this?"Lauren typically said not caring about her brother pulling faces.
"Oh..yes,sit down my dearies"Replied the bubbly school counsellor obviously the opposite of Mrs.Hudson.
The idea of having two hours spent in the doom room seemed to scare Conner and so he hid behind his sister murmering some words I am not allowed to say.
"Mrs.Hudson can I use the lavatory"Asked Conner,holding his trousers like a baby when he/she dis a 'boom boom'.
Five minutes past and the teachers started to grit their teeth, foam coming out of their fuming mouth.
"Ok,we are done here,get out!"hollowed Mrs.Hudson.


"I cannot belive YOU got a detention,out of all the people in the house,YOU!"Cried Laurens' mom,veins popping out of her head.
Conner laughed as he lingered by."As for you Conner go to your room!"Shouted mom,eager to have one more person to shout at.
Although strict Lauren and Conner's Mom couldn't stay angry forever and so on the end of the day,she both gave them a peck on the cheek,well it was SOMETHING,okay.

"Psst,Conner"Whispered Lauren.She needed to know this and she needed to know this now .
"What!"Shouted the teenager,moody because of his disturbed beauty sleep.
"Why did you ask me about the favour?"Asked Lauren her body tingling with pure excitement.
"Cuz I needed it now shutup"Groaned Conner his eyes hurting as he looked at the dim light.Without thinking Lauren burst out of her room and rushed to Conners   

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