My Brother the Drummer

Taylor-Jade better known as TJ has recently moved back to Australia where she was reunited with her father and brother after a terrible accident took place back in England. Now she is forced to start a new life after leaving her original one behind. Starting at a new school, living in a new house, meeting new people how will she cope? Will the events of the past keep her in this dark state or will this new life help change her


3. New School, New Begining



Slowly, my eyes flutter open at the sound of my alarm. The sun shone brightly through the windows into my room as i rolled over in bed to turn of the piercing sound off my alarm. I sit up rubbing my eyes and looks over to see i had an hour to get ready for school. I groan at the thought of school and drag myself over to the bathroom. I turn on the shower allowing the water to warm up and release my hair from the ponytail that i left it in last night. I remember the comments from last night and sigh as i take out a box a draw three lines on my wrist. I bite my lip alittle but soon feel a slight release of negative energy from my body. As i step into the shower, i cringed alittle at the water hitting my now damaged skin and quickly begin to wash my hair so i could get out. Once i was done, i wrapped a towel around my slim body and made my way towards my wardrobe. I picked out a basic outfit for the day which included, ripped black skinny jeans, an avenged sevenfold tank top and a zip up black hoodie. Once changed, i went back into my bathroom and began to apply mascara to enhance my eyelashes and some black eye shadow which matched my grey eyes. I finished the look with a dark purple lipstick. Then i straightened my hair and placed on my bracelets and my mothers necklace.

I take one last look of myself in the mirror and then grabbed my phone and bag before making my way downstairs. As i made my way downstairs the house was very quiet and seemed empty. Looking around for anyone, I made my way to the kitchen where i found a note my father had left me.

How Tay, sorry im not here to see you off to your first day at school, worked called me in early today. Trish is also at work but will be home when you and Ashton get back. I will be back round dinner time tonight. Have a good day! Love Dad.

I smiled at the note that my dad left me and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowel. I rubbed the apple on my hoodie as i made my way to the living room where i found my brother. I decide to sneak up behind him and scream good morning into his ear. Frightened he jumps back. "What was that for?" he whined pouting. "To get you attention" I giggled pouting back. He stands up and shakes his head laughing, " and to think i thought you grew up". We both laughed at his comment and i hit his arm playfully, "hey thats not nice and anyway we need to start heading to school", I frown alittle at the thought. "Well cheer up and come on then" Ashton smiles at me and grabs his keys heading towards his car. We both got in and set off towards school. 

" whats this school like then", I curiously ask looking towards Ashton. Ashton shrugs, " Like most schools, boring". I laugh at his response and he chuckles, keeping an eye on the road. "So, will you be in any of my lessons?" I ask holding up my timetable. Ashton takes it from me and skims over it, keeping a careful eye still on the road. "No by the looks of it we dont well other than music, but it does appear that you do have some lessons with a few of my friends, so dont worry little sis, ill talk to them for you" He smiles handing the timetable back as i nod. l During the rest of thee  journey, we made small talk to catch up on what had happened over the years since we were separated.

Soon we pull up into the school to see crowds of people everywhere. Me and Ashton both get out from the car and i look around at the school slightly nervous. I feel some arms around me to look and see Ashton giving me a gentle hug. "Come on lets go find your locker, you dont want to be carrying those books round all day now do you?" He laughs alittle, as we begin to head inside. The halls were full of many students rushing around, getting ready and trying to catch up with friends before first lesson began. I tried remembering all the turns we took as we made our way to my locker. "Here we go, now i must be off but ill see you later" Ashton smiles and ruffles my hair before turning and walking away, disappearing into the sea of teenagers. I place my stuff away into my locker and put my books for the first two lessons into my bag, before closing my locker and heading down the halls looking at the map. As i turn the corner i bump into someone and accidentally stand on there foot causing them to scream out in pain. I quickly look up to see a girl, "Im so so sorry do you want me to get you some ice?" I hastily ask. "Omg! watch where your going your freak!" The girl shouts at me anger in her voice. "Im really really sorry miss it was an accident" I look at the girl apologetically. "I dont need your pathetic apologies sweetie,  who even are you?!" The girl glares at me. "Shes the new girl" One of her friends perk up. "Oh well that explains alot you freak!". The girl shoves me as she goes to walk past. "Excuse me" i cough up looking at the girl and her friend. "You need to get a new attitude, it was a accident, i apologized so just get over yourself" I look at her slightly annoyed. Instantly the girl turner round, "You really dont know who your messing with do you?!". I look at her and pull a sad face "Oh boo-hoo" I say in a sarcastic tone. The girl huffs and flicks her hair as she turns round and storms off leaving me rolling my eyes. 

- Great, my first day at my new school and i have already gotten into an argument- I think to myself, as i head off down the halls to my first lesson being maths. I walked in to see an almost full class and the teacher at his desk. Quietly, I walk over to the teacher and hand him a note, explaining that i was his new student. The teacher nods to me then points towards an empty seat next to a girl at the back of the class. She had brown hair and tanned skin with bright green eyes. I smiled as i sat down next to her and took out my maths book. As the teacher began to hand out some worksheets the girl turned in her seat and looked at me, "Hi im Lily", she smiled as i looked at her. "Uh Hi im TJ, uh well Taylor-Jade, but i prefer Tj" I stutter. Lily laughs alittle and smiles "Its nice to meet you". I smile and laugh alittle. While completing our work, our conversation started to grow into i guess you could say a friendship. I found out we had a similar taste in music and shared a few of the same hobbies. We were basically each others double her just being the girly version i guess you could say. I also found out she was in most my lessons which meant id have someone to show me around and help me out which was a comforting thought.

-Skip to lunch-

The bell rings for lunch as me and Lily walk out of English laughing together. We make our way towards the food-court which was swarming with people as i suspected. We got our food, mine being a slice of pizza with salade and Lily's being a bowel of tuna pasta. Lily guided me to a table where another boy was sitting by himself. "Hey Dan, this is Tj she has just moved here from England" Lily says, attempting a British accent as she takes a seat next to Dan. I sit opposite them and give a friendly smile, "Hey!" He simply says looking up at me. After we have fully introduced ourselves to each other, the two begin to ask me questions about what it was like living in England. I began talking to them about my dance before we were interrupted by a familiar voice. "Excuse me but this is our table,  you have 5 seconds to move". I turn to see the girl from earlier with some other girls. "Im sorry, is there something wrong with your eyes, because i dont see your name on this table anywhere" I say calmly looking at her. From the corner of my eyes i see Dan's eyes widen and Lily almost burst out laughing. "Excuse me!" The girl growels. "You heard me Princess we arent causing you any harm so why dont you run along incase you break a nail and leave us alone" I respond crossing my arms. Clearly annoyed she shouts "You Bitch!" before storming off once again.I laugh and turn to see Dan and lily staring at me, "What?" I ask them confused. "Your amazing" Dan laughs, "No one has ever spoke to Bella like that" Lily continues patting me on the back.

-Skip To End of Day-

I walk out of my last lesson, heading towards my locker to collect my books. I had just finished art, the only lesson that i had today that Lily wasn't in. Once i reached my locker i opened it up only to see a piece of paper fall out onto the floor. I grab my books and place them into my bag before bending down and picking up the paper only to see that it was a note. It read...

You have picked the wrong person to mess with, i cant wait to make your life a living hell <3

I rolled my eyes as i read the note knowing it was Bella who had left it. I sigh and place it in my bag making my way outside to find it pouring down with rain. -Great- I think to myself as i look round to see that Ashton and his car wasn't on the school grounds. I sigh again and step out into the rain a chill going down my spine as i feel the cold hit me. After a long walk, i arrive at the house and use my key to get inside. I drop my bag and smile feeling the warmth and remove my boots and soaking wet jacket. The house seemed quiet and no one was in the living room so i made my way to the kitchen to see Trish sitting there with a coffee in her hands. I smile at her and say hi as i make my way to the kettle and turn it on. I hear her just grunt and i roll my eyes to myself. After i made myself a cup of tea in the tense silence i headed out of the kitchen and grabbed my bag and made my way to my room. I shut my door and place the mug on my bedside table. - This day couldn't get any worse- I thought to myself as i tied up my wet hair and changed into a pair of joggers and top. I pull out my books and sit on my bed beginning to complete my homework. 

Not that much later, Ashton pops his head round the corner of my door, "Hey little sis me and my friends are going out tonight and i wondered if you wanted to join since its Friday night" He smiles at me. "Thanks but id rather stay in, plus i have alot of work to complete as i dont want to be doing it over the weekend", i give him a small smile. He nods "Well its your loss, how was your day anyway?" He chuckles. "Yeah it was really good" I lie. He nods again, "Im glad to hear, Have a nice evening sis" and with that he disappears from my room. 


Hey Guys! I hope your enjoying the book so far please leave comments below on your opinions or if you have any ideas or questions <3 Grace





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