My Brother the Drummer

Taylor-Jade better known as TJ has recently moved back to Australia where she was reunited with her father and brother after a terrible accident took place back in England. Now she is forced to start a new life after leaving her original one behind. Starting at a new school, living in a new house, meeting new people how will she cope? Will the events of the past keep her in this dark state or will this new life help change her


2. Home Sweet Home


The car journey back from the airport was quite and quite boring considering no-one really spoke. Although it wasn't long before we pulled up outside a huge house, much bigger than the one i shared with my mother. We got out and Ashton helped me with my luggage as we made our way inside the house. As we stepped inside i gazed around of the beauty of my new home. "Your room is the first floor, second door on the right, you go and unpack whilst i prepare dinner, oh and Taylor welcome home" my dad smiled at me. I smiled back thanking him as Ashton tugged on my arm and pulled me up the stairs showing me to my room. "I'll let you unpack and get use to your new room, if you need anything just call im only two doors down the hall" Ashton smiled before leaving my room. 

At this i placed my bags down and looked round at the large room, which had a balcony facing towards the back garden. The walls were a misty blue colour and there was a large wardrobe, a desk and double bed within the room as well as a door leading to my own bathroom. It was clear that it needed to be redecorated. I walked over to my suitcases and began to unpack my belongings. On top was a photo of me and my mother, standing infront of Big Ben. I remember that day like the back of my hand, it was the day we chose to go sightseeing but we kept getting lost, it took us forever to find Big Ben and when we did we were both soo happy. She was beautiful and cared for me so much..i miss her soo much. 

I placed the photo on the bed side table before taking out all my books, notepads and sketch pads, placing them away on the shelves. I then placed all my toiletries and make up in the bathroom, as well as neatly packing away my clothes in the wardrobe. Finally i place my guitar and laptop in the corner before i made my way to the bathroom and took a shower.Once i was done, i put on a three-quaterlength tee-shirt and some leggings. I tied my damped hair up into a ponytail and took a look in the mirror. I smiled to myself and looked down seeing that i was missing my bracelets. Quickly, i picked them up from the bathroom and put them on hiding away my new scars from my mothers funeral. 

Not long after, i made my way down to the dinning room to find Ashton, my dad and his new partner sitting down ready to eat. "hello sorry i took so long" i waved alittle and smiled as i sat down next to Ashton. They all smiled back apart from Trish who just glared, which left me in a state of confusion. Feeling the awkward silence, Ashton began to hand round the bowl of tuna pasta. Soon after, my dad broke the silence, by asking me aload of questions. "So Tay, how was life in England?" I passed the bowl to my dad, "Its great there, I loved it despite the colder weather. Its completely different to life here but thats what made it so interesting. Oh and i joined a dance team, infact i won nationals twice!" I spoke in a cheery voice with a bright smile. "That's great princess, you brother has a new hobby now too, hes in a band now, my little boy is doing soo well" my dad chuckles leaving Ashton alittle red. "How was school in England then?" At this question i look down at my food "uh oh yeah it was good could have been better though" I bite my lip and smile alittle hoping my dad wont ask anymore about school. "Well i can assure you that school here is far more exciting, your starting tomorrow". To these words i look up shocked at my dad but he just gave me a gentle smile. "Dont you worry, I prepared a bag for you to take with everything you need and where you have to go first thing tomorrow, plus its the same school Ashton attends so im sure he would be happy to help you" I look over at Ashton and he gives me a reassuring smile, showing that he agreed with dad's words. 

We soon all finished the dinner and me and Ashton thanked our father for the amazing meal, before tidying away. Once i finished drying off the plates, i headed of up to my room, but as i stepped in, the door suddenly slammed shut behind me. With a slight jump, i turn round to find Trish standing infront of my door. "O-Oh hello there" i wave alittle at her nervously. "Hmm look at you" Trish narrows her eyes looking at me, "Now missy, this is my home and i expect you to obey me and my rules, if you want us to get along, or im sure trouble will soon come your way if you choose not to" she speaking in a harsh tone. " It's pretty girls like you who make woman like me suffer, oh how unfair! So you better stay out of my way, do your understand", Trish points a finger at me as i nod quickly to her words both confused and alittle frightened. With my quick response, Trish leaves my room slamming the door behind her. I watched in complete confusion; i had no clue to what i had done to upset her or even threat her, but it was clear that i should be careful of her.

trying to push away the uncomfortable feeling i now had in my stomach, i changed into my batman  pj's and got comfy in bed. Once i was comfy i picked up my laptop to check my social media considering i hadn't been online since the death of my mother. I was worried to open it up but knew i had to, the comments were never very nice, not since a girl from my school in England came across my twitter and shared it to everyone in school. And as i predicted there were many comments left on my page to which i sighed as i read through the most recent ones...

@TaylorJade- Thank goodness you finally left, No-one wanted you here.

@TaylorJade- Running away? What a shame, we always said you didn't fit in

@TaylorJade-  I feel sorry for Australia, They now have to deal with your slutty arse

Having read enough i quickly closed my laptop sighing once again. But i soon pushed the thoughts away with the face that tomorrow would be a new day at a new school where no one knew me, a place where i had a chance to change. And it was with these final thoughts that i drifted of to sleep.


Hey, its grace, as you may know im re-writing my old book called my brother ashton that i never completed. Im glad to be back here on movellas and hope you enjoy my improved version xoxo




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