My Brother the Drummer

Taylor-Jade better known as TJ has recently moved back to Australia where she was reunited with her father and brother after a terrible accident took place back in England. Now she is forced to start a new life after leaving her original one behind. Starting at a new school, living in a new house, meeting new people how will she cope? Will the events of the past keep her in this dark state or will this new life help change her


1. Arriving in Australia


I woke up to the sound of the flight attendant informing myself and the other passengers that we were now arriving at the airport and that we'd be landing shortly. Slowly, i sat up in the chair and looked out of the window. The sky was a deep shade of blue and the sun shone brightly on the land below. I smiled slightly to myself as i rubbed my eyes admiring the remaining views before we landed. It had been a tiring journey since i had been on the plane for 7 hours and i was definitely ready to get off. I put on my seat belt like we were all asked to do and began to gather my few things whilst the plane began to land. 

After about 10 minutes, the plane had landed and i was making my way through the airport. I found my two suitcases easily as they stood out from the rest due to them being covered in many band patches and badges. I smiled to myself as i continued walking although it wasn't long before the nerves kicked in. This was the first time i had seen both my father and brother in years. Me and Ashton use to get along so well, he was my overprotective older brother and i was his little baby sister. We would spend so much time together until we were separated at the age of 5 due to the divorce of our parents. My brother got to stay here in Australia with our father and our mother took me back to England with her . Over the years i have changed a lot, I'm 16 now, not the same sweet 5 year old that they would remember me as. Naturally i have blonde hair with brown highlights, but i dye it black with blue tips a few years ago. I also got a lip ring and snake bites on my left eyebrow, which my friend Thorn did for me. I wasn't exactly someone you could miss in the airport, from my hair to my clothing; being a BMTH top and a pair of ripped black skinny jeans.

I eventually made my way outside of the airport and waited for the arrival of my father and brother. I wasn't quite sure who i was looking for as i hadn't seen the two in a long period of ti.....   "TAYLOR!" it wasn't long before i heard a somewhat familiar voice shout my name. I suddenly turned round to be greeted by a teenaged boy with blonde/brown hair, which was kept out his face with a red bandanna, and a familiar cheeky smile. "ASHTON" i shouted back as i ran up to him, jumping into his arms. I felt him tightly hug me and i happily returned it. It was as if he never changed one bit... well he was more grown up and a lot more attractive compared to when we were little but he still had that same baby face that i remember. 

I felt his grip loosen and i looked up at him with a smile. " Nice to see ya again" i spoke with a smile. "Nice to see you again little uh big.. uh big little sis" he chuckled. "Wheres dad?" I asked looking round for him. " Hey dont worry hes in the car come on hes been dying to see you again" Ashton tells me whilst picking up one of my suitcases. We both made our way over to a black ford to see my dad in the drivers seat. But to my surprise there was another woman sitting in the passenger seat next to him. The woman had platinum blonde hair and wore bright ruby red hair and bright blue eye shadow. Once we reached the car, Ashton helped me put the suitcases in the back and then opened the car door for me. I got in silently, followed by Ashton who smiled and got in beside me. Once both the doors closed my dad turned round and looked at me with a warming smile, "Why haven't you grown up my little princess". "im not little anymoree dadd" i whined whilst Ashton chuckled alongside my dad. "Ahem" the woman suddenly coughed and my dad stopped laughing. "Aye yes Taylor meet my new partner Trish, Trish this is my daughter Taylor" To this i looked at Trish and gave her a friendly smile to which she only grunted and faced back forward. At this we buckled up and the next journey began to our new home.



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