A life of Adventure

Hello, my name is Cookies. I am 15 years old, have brown hair and black eyes. I usually wear my purple sweater and my blue jeans. I have a lot of friends I look after. Some don't get along but I try to keep them all happy. They are like my family. I have decided that I will tell you all the stories of my friends and how I met them. If your ready, let's get started.


1. My friend Katherine or Sweet Angel

You know that girl that everyone calls Sweet Angel, right? Has fluffy pink hair, purple eyes, a blue dress with a heart stitched on it, has big purple demon wings. Yeah, she is my greatest friend in the whole world. The thing is though she wasn't always called that ,she wasn't always a demon either. I knew her by a different name actually. Yep her real name was Katherine June. She doesn't like me calling her that anymore because it reminds her of what happened. A witch had cursed her two years ago on Halloween because her family did something bad and she didn't like it...at all. Alright so here's what happened...


"Ughhh! Come on Cookie! We have to go outside if we want to have some real fun!" Katherine exclaimed to her friend waiting at the door. Katherine was actually dressed up as a demon for that Halloween. She was wearing a pink wig, purple contacts, and tied on wings to look like one.

Now Cookies on the other hand, wasn't real into the whole scary deal on Halloween. She dressed up as an angel for Halloween. He had a little halo on her head, a white dress despite the fact she hated dresses, and tied on angel wings. 

"But what's wrong with eating store-bought candy and watching 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'?" Cookies asked a bit nervous while looking out past Katherine to see the dark night.

Katherine laughed at her friends paranoia and walked over to her "Look Cookie, I will be by you the entire time so you have nothing to worry about. I can take out any monster with my awesome ninja skills!" She said encouraging her friend to go outside.

Cookies smiled a bit and faded when she approached the door. She took a deep breath and stepped out onto the ground outside her home.

"See nothin to worry about, now lets go have some fun! You always want to get to the houses first or else you'll miss the good candy. C'mon!" Katherine said excitedly dragging her friend as she ran to the neighboring houses.

They approached the first house and got an uneasy feeling. The house was decorated to look like a witches mansion. "Uh maybe we should go to a different house." Cookie said turning to leave but Katherine stopped her.

"No way, c'mon Cookies! We have to get every piece of Candy before the night ends. I am knocking on that door to get some candy." Katherine said with enthusiasm. 

Cookies backed up a bit still scared of the house. "I-i'm sorry Katherine but I am scared..." She squealed staring at the house. 

"Alright I understand, I will get some candy and I will share it with you okay?" Katherine said to Cookie. Cookie didn't look happy about how Katherine said that. "But you said you'd be right next to me the entire time. You promised..." Cookie said with a bit of sadness. 

"And I will okay. Look, it's only a few feet away I will be right back. Just wait right here." Katherine said thinking she might've exaggerated when she said "Next to her the entire time."

She walked up to the door and saw the lights on which meant someone was there. She knocked on the door with a smile. "Trick or Treat!" 

She heard footsteps coming to the door and it slowly opened. A pink haired girl popped up chewing bubble gum.

"Oh hello! Sorry for making you wait ,we don't get many trick or treaters over here." She said in a cheery voice and grabbed a candy bowl pretty full.

She looked up over Katherine's shoulder and saw Cookies standing over there. She smiled. "Oh don't be shy over there c'mon! It's free candy." She said to Cookies.

Cookies looked at her and saw her smile. It made her relax a bit and she walked over to where Katherine stood.

"I'm Cherry Bubble by the way. What are yall's names?" She said filling up their bags with candy. "I'm Katherine and this is Cookies." She said pointing to her friend. 

"It sure is nice to....wait did you say your name was Katherine?" Cherry Bubbles stopped smiling and looked at her. "Yeah that's my name, Katherine June." She responded slowly kinda weirded out by her new reaction.

Cherry put the bowl down and looked in her eyes with a big stare. Katherine was caught in her stare and couldn't move or look away. Cookies was confused so she took a step back and just watched for a moment.

Katherine's vision faded as she saw a vision of the past.

"You stupid witches aren't even all that powerful anyway! We CoUlD RiP yOu to ShReDs!!!" A voice shouted from behind her. She turned around and saw her grandma who had died a long time ago. She only saw her portrait but had never met her. "G-Grandma?" She faintly said in fear. "You should have never come her Katherine. You should have stayed were you belonged. The humans do not need this fear in their hearts. We can all remain in peace." A woman said a few feet away from her. Suddenly out of nowhere a baby's cry was faintly heard. Katherine looked and saw a tiny baby laying on the ground next to a dead woman. "Your own daughter had to suffer for what you've done. Your granddaughter, will not suffer this." The woman said as she walked over to the crying child and picked her up. She put her hand on the child's heart and it glowed. The baby laughed and giggled. 

Katherine was still in her trance and Cherry Bubbles eyes glowed as she spoke "My grandma saved you and do you know what happened? She was killed by you grandma. I am going to make you suffer for this. I loved her ,but now I  miss my Grandma now because of your family." 

Cookies whimpered and ran very far away and hid behind a tall tree. (scaredy-cat)

Katherine's costume soon became a reality as her wig fell off and her hair grew short and pink, her contacts fell to the ground as her eyes became purple with one a swirl. Her fake wings broke apart at the seams and big purple demon wing sprouted from her back. 

Cherry Bubbles eyes stopped glowing as she released her from the stare. Katherine looked dizzy and fell back. Cookie ran as fast as she could and caught her she was about to hit the ground. "Good night sweet angels..." Cherry Bubbles said with a dark expression and slammed the door. Katherine fell into a world of darkness as she knocked out.

Katherine slowly opened her eyes, her vision was blurry but she made out a form. "Katherine? Katherine are you awake?" Cookies asked as her vision swam into focus. She saw her friend standing there with a worried expression.

"Y-yeah i'm fine....W..what happened?" Katherine asked confused and she looked around. She was back in her house. She glanced by the tv and saw her friend was watching 'The Nightmare before Christmas' with a half eaten bag of candy corn. 

"That witch did something to you and then you knocked out. I carried you back here because I was afraid that something else might happen to you." Cookies responded to her friend bringing her a hot cocoa.

Katherine sat up in confusion because she hadn't seen her current form. She took the Hot Cocoa and sipped it. "What do you mean happen to me? I'm fine." Katherine said to her friend.

Cookies looked at her with with fear and sadness, she left for a second, and brought back a mirror. She hesitated but then handed Katherine the mirror.

Katherine just stared at the mirror in shock, fear ,and anger.

Her eyes glowed a dark purple and she got up off the bed and ran to a full mirror. Cookie followed her to calm her down. She was angry and scared and she looked at her hand and saw a purple flame. 


".......Don't call me that please.......please call me Sweet Angel....." She said in tears as she hugged Cookies.

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