A life of Adventure

Hello, my name is Cookies. I am 15 years old, have brown hair and black eyes. I usually wear my purple sweater and my blue jeans. I have a lot of friends I look after. Some don't get along but I try to keep them all happy. They are like my family. I have decided that I will tell you all the stories of my friends and how I met them. If your ready, let's get started.


3. An unexpected visit

Cookie Cream was enjoying a nice quiet afternoon, drinking some mountain dew while sitting on the couch. Yep it was pretty calm.


A portal appeared out of nowhere and a brown cat with pink and purple hair landed on the ground. "Oww.." She muttered slowly getting. She brushed herself off and looked at Cookie Cream.

They stared at each other for a few seconds.

".....What???" Cookie Cream said slowly kinda startled but too frozen to move.

"Heh sorry to drop in unannounced. My name is Cookie Cat, nice to meet you. Um, do you have like a weapon of some sort?" Cookie Cat asked looking around.

Just then at that moment, a yellow fox came out of the portal. He then jumped on Cookie Cat and they started quarreling. Cookie Cream sat there for a moment and just watched as a cat and a fox fought in her living room.

"You will perish Cookie Cat!" the fox shouted while holding up a knife.


Cookie Cream whacked the fox upside the head with a bat and he hit the ground hard. 

"......Nice hit." Cookie Cat said as she hopped off the ground. She used telekinesis and lifted the fox off the ground and tossed him back through the portal.

"Thanks for your help! Hope I see ya again uh...whats your name?" She said stopping in front of the portal.

"C-cookie Cream." She stuttered still try to process what just happened.

"Sweet! Alright, Bai!" Cookie Cat shouted, as she jumped through the portal. Then it vanished into thin air.


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