This isnt right πŸ’•πŸ’”

What happens if your in love with your sisters boyfriend??


6. give it a chance ?πŸ’“

I hear the click of the front door opening and with in seconds he standing in my room.

"Ash" I start but he puts a finger to my lips and gently strokes my face.

He leans in for a kiss when he stops dead.

"Hats who are you with?" Said a voice. I spun around and saw the figure of my sister standing in the doorway.

The light was still of so she couldn't see who it was.

I felt someone sloping something into my hand. The light flicked on and revealed me standing alone.

"Sorry thought I heard a voice." My sisters says looking confused.

After she has left I look at what I was given.

It's a note which reads:

Give us a chance? Lots of love Ash x

Meet me at midnight under the stars tomorrow x

What could under the stars mean ?

I get into bed and dream of tonight events.

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