The shadow


3. The message..

As the sun's rays slowly started seeping through the cracks in my curtain I realised it was tomorrow which meant one thing i could forget the shadow for now and try to get through today without blurting out any of what happened and believe me i can't keep my mouth shut that long. Anyhow lets get back to today so just as i was about to get up I heard my mums prize winning screech which meant i had done something horrid or a terrible accident had occurred i guessed i had probably done something like forget to empty the bin yeah my mum is melodramatic like that so I just happily walked down the stairs and didn't care that my mum was screaming at me to come hear or else but as soon as i saw what had happened i wish i was here sooner because write on the floor of my dads so called second home basically the shed was the lifeless corpse of Abigail bridge sure she was a two faced brat with the worst fashion taste like ever but still we have had our good times and what was even more horrid that sprawled in her blood said your next Kate brown ahem that is me what an amazing way to greet the wonderful day ahead NOT...


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