The shadow


2. The car

My father suddenly rose up from his table and shouted like a complete lunatic,"I've got it!".
But suddenly my mother gave me a sharp glance and my father shut his mouth.With a look at their bewildered faces I knew something was wrong. And I had to find out. Finally the end of the day slowly started to creep into place as I shut my exhausted eyes thinking sleep time I suddenly woke with a start and I drew my curtains up......but it was the middle of the night. As I wondered how I could wake up at such a peaceful sleep I heard two stressed voices.Of course I knew who it was,but surely my parents couldn't be up at such a time especially as they need their 'beauty sleep'. Anyway, I ran to the living room,supposedly,that was where the voices where coming from.But suddenly I stopped,I felt like there was a ghostly presence going through me. I shuddered heavily and pressed my ear to the old door. All I could hear where muffled voices and the odd bit of china thrown if only i could get in closer but i was tired and freezing so I decided to go back to sleep but just as i was about to turn i saw the shadow just in the corner of my eyes and i felt sick so i ran and ran and shut my eyes praying this was all a dream but every time I pinched myself  all I felt was unbearable pain (yeah I was a wus) because if that thing was still out there no one will ever be safe again...


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