The shadow


1. The murder

"Don't just stand there.Go!"Cried my mother,intent on keeping the guests entertained.My mother, as you all would have guessed it by now was snobby and wealthy,with six kids and a rich husband,nothing could go wrong.Except for me.I was her dissapointment,the one who cared about the people around her and not just herself.Her other six kids were in university and college,though I still remained in boarding school.I hated that place.As soon as I am old enough to get out of that prison I'll bust the heck out of there.Anyway,as I was saying, it was mid-summer,the guests were all smiling.Until the incident.It was near the end of the party.One of our important guests exscused herself to go to the bathroom.But suddenly I heard a ear-splitting scream.I was wondering if it was the guests or I was hallucinating.But as I turned around I saw all the other guests faces,some were shocked,some even intruiged to have a little excitement. However I turned around again and saw a disembouged figure,yet I wasn't sure if it was,again,just me. The next day,my mother and my father were up early for the first time and my father's beard was all stuble.This was,in fact out of the ordinary,because if my father's beard was out of place he would comb it with a single swipe and all would be gone,but he just let his stuble go for someday,which was weird,but for someone reason I didn't feel different.

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