Angel In Disguise

I looked into those piercing green eyes that I had grown to love and told him, "You are an Angel In Disguise."


10. The Zamets

Songs of the chapter:
-Hearts Upon Our Sleeves
by 5sos

-Mercy by Shawn Mendes

-They Don't Know About Us by 1D

-Please Don't Go by Mike Posner (cover by Luke Hemmings)

-Daylight by 5sos

-Meant To Live by Switchfoot




"Hello Michael, Luke, and Bella. We've already heard so much about you." said Nadias mom while she held her hand out for us to shake. I honestly have never shook hands with an adult before. I blame that on my father. He's always getting drunk and he abuses me. My friend called the police on him one time while she was at my house, and he had been in jail for 5 years. He has only hit me about 10 or 15 times since then (which is not a lot compared to the hundreds of times that he has hit and cut me before). The only reason I haven't called the police on him yet is because he said if I did, he was going to murder Calum. And my father doesn't lie, and he always gets what he wants anytime he wants. While thinking this, I must have had a depressed look on my face because Luke took my hand behind his back. After he said hi to the couple, he whispered in my ear,


"What's wrong?" No one knew about my father, not even Calum. I just shook my head and glanced at him with a guarded expression.


"Nothing. I'm fine. Everything's fine." I could tell he didn't believe me, but he didn't ask any more questions. He squeezed my hand and let go, but not before- yup, you guessed it- not before Michael saw. His eyebrows raised and he looked between me and Luke, who was now talking to Ashton and Nadia while Cal caught up with her parents. I guess they were close. Michael's face scowled a little bit, but he turned his attention onto something else.


"Would you like to give your friends a tour, Nadia?" asked Joseph who, by the way, I will be nicknaming Jo ;)


"Sure, come on, follow me!!!" Nadia said as she ran up the stair case. I laughed and followed her while the boys followed behind us. Once we got to the top, I took in a hallway that looked like it was over 100 feet long with dozens of doors lining it. She walked up to one and turned the nob, pushing it open with ease. She walked in and put her arms up 'Vanna White' style.


"And this," she said, "is my room." Ashton plopped down on her king sized bed like he was home. Oh right, I forgot, he was home. Calum jumped into the swirly chair at the desk and spun around with his feet sticking out trying to trip me.


"Stop it," I said while I giggled. He spun around once more and stopped in font of me. He just sat there and stared at me with a serious expression while I tried not to smile.


"What?" I asked him. He rolled his eyes, looked back at me, and shot out of the chair and tackled me to the floor. He sat on my waist and pinned my arms next to my head.


"Hey!!" I protested.


"Michael, come tickle her!!" Calum said while Luke got his phone out to, I'm assuming, video tape me laughing until I cant breathe. Michael smirked and started to tickle me on the stomach. Somehow he knew that was my weak spot. I tried not to laugh, but eventually gave in. Michael and I kept laughing while Calum got off of me. For some reason, i couldn't stop.


"Why are you still laughing?" Calum asked me. I shrugged.


"I don't know. I think Michael tickled me so much that I'm going to be laughing for the next couple minutes." Ashton face palmed and turned on the tv.


"So much for the house tour" Nadia said while she joined Ashton on her bed. She sank into his side like she was his missing puzzle piece. It was so adorable. I hope I can have that with someone special some day. For some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about Michael after I thought that. I looked at Luke and he was lying on the floor asleep.


"How is he sleeping on the floor?" Michael asked.


"Because he's Luke. He's weird like that." said Calum. Luke popped an eye open and said,


"I heard that, Asian." Cal smacked him on the head and jumped up as Luke swatted at his feet. They wrestled as Mikey and I sat down on the couch in her room. Ashton had put ghost busters in the tv and he looked really into it. Nadia was asleep. Luke and Calum had brought their wrestling match to the hallway. Mikey did a fake yawn and put his arm around my shoulder on the back of the couch.


"Real smooth, Clifford." I said without looking at him. He shrugged his shoulders slightly and smirked.


"Ehh, thought I'd give it a try." I giggled quietly. I tried to watch the movie with Ashton, but I couldn't ignore the insane amount of side glances Michael was giving me. I finally looked at him and gave him a questioning look.




"Sorry," he replied. "I just cant help but stare at a pretty girl." My stomach was now filled with butterflies. I smiled, blushed, and looked down. 


"I wish that were true," I mumbled. He put his finger underneath my chin, forcing me to look up at him.


"Do you not think your beautiful?"


"Hell no." I said. It was the truth. I probably looked horrible considering how much I had been crying and worrying for Calum the past couple days.


"But, how can you not think your beautiful? You're adorable!!" He whisper shouted. "Your giggle is so cute, your smile brightens up my day, your personality and style is so attractive. You're definitely one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. The way that you don't care what anyone else thinks about you is so amazing. Even though I haven't known you for a long time, I can already tell that you are very talented and just an amazing person over all. Don't ever think you aren't beautiful. Because you are, I promise." I stared at him.


"No one's ever said anything like that to me." I whispered.


"That's why I'm here." He whispered back and smiled his amazing smile. We stayed like that for a while. I hadn't noticed until now how green his eyes were until now. From far away, they looked like a hard, metallic green of a punk-rock guy who didn't give a shit about anything, but up close, they were a deep comforting green. They held a lot of secrets and worries, but they also held passion. They flickered down to my lips as his smile melted a little. He leaned in and so did I. Michael reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.


"Ya know, I never noticed how amazing your eyes were." I told him. Cheesy, I know, but what are ya going to do about it? He chuckled softly.


"Not as amazing as yours." We got even closer.


"Going cheesy now, are we?" I said. He smirked, and it killed me.


"That's just how I role." I think he got tired of waiting because he but his hands on my cheeks and crashed his lips onto mine. I melted into the kiss. It didn't feel anything like my kisses with Luke. Well more like make out sessions with Luke. They were both amazing, but they both felt different. I put my hands on the back of his neck and pulled him closer. It was going to go farther, but someone behind us cleared their throat. We pulled away and I saw that it was Ashton. He was smirking at us, and we both turned red. Nadia was still asleep and there was no sign of Calum or Luke. Good. Ash looked back at the tv, then pulled out his phone. I turned back around and felt Michael grab my hand. I smiled. My phone went off and I picked it up to see who it was. Guess who. Ashton.


Ash- Don't worry, I wont tell anyone.

Me- You better not or your little Australian ass will be kicked pretty hard.

Ash- Ooh, I'm so scared of you

Me- Did you think I was talking about me? Oh. You haven't met my step brother yet. Then you WILL be scared.

Ash- What is he, like, 5'5 and 12 years old?

Me- He's 6'8, 27 years old. Football quarter back (as in American football) for the New England Patriots. Used to be a body builder. And he's very over protective of me ;)

Ash- Well then forget what I just said LOVE YOU BOO

Me- *face palm* love you too


I put my phone away just as the other guys came back, finally. Luke glanced at mine and Michaels hands intertwined and he shot me a look. Part of our deal was that we couldn't date anyone else. We never said that we couldn't kiss or hold hands with someone else. But still, I felt pretty guilty about it. I had feelings for both him and Mikey, but I'm not sure which was stronger.

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