Angel In Disguise

I looked into those piercing green eyes that I had grown to love and told him, "You are an Angel In Disguise."


7. The Waiting Room

Songs of the chapter:

-Cold Water by Justin Bieber

-I Miss You by Blink 182




My phone rang and I picked it up. It was Ashton. I had gotten his number from Michael a while ago. Michael and I sat in the waiting room at the hospital when Calum had been brought in as an emergency. The doctor said he has lost a lot of blood and he and the nurses and surgeons are doing everything they can. I answered the phone and immediately was greeted with Ashton's loud and eager voice.


"What happened? Is he ok? Where are you guys? Are you and Michael ok?"


"When you get here I'll explain to you and Luke what happened, we aren't sure if he's going to be ok, he has lost so much blood, and if you consider balling our eyes out and being completely heartbroken and worried 'ok', then we are fine." Ashton let out a low breath. "We will be there in 2 minutes." he said and hung up. Michael took my hand in his and rubbed circles like Luke had done, but even though I felt something, I think Michael was just doing it to comfort me. A doctor came out and he looked around the waiting room and his eyes landed on us. He strolled over to us and said,


"Are you Michael and Bella?"


"Yes we are." said Michael for both of us.


"Calum is not doing great. He has lost almost 2 pints of blood."


"Oh God," I breathed out. He nodded sadly.


"We are doing everything we can to keep him alive. Do you know what had caused him to cut so much so deeply?" I looked at the ground replaying the events in my head from this morning to now.


"His 3 year girlfriend just broke up with him and told him she never loved him. She also said she had cheated on him multiple times, and did not regret it. He loved her with all his heart." he took my hand. It was not out of attraction, but out of understandment.


"We are doing everything. When he is well enough we will let you visit him. I'll have the secretary call you when we are ready. He is in room 408." I went to sit back down and slumped in my chair waiting for the words, "You may go to room 408 now", but they didn't come as soon as I expected them to. The entire waiting room looked at the sliding doors as two tall, muscular guys came running in while they were yelling at a security guard who was trying to stop them because they were causing commotion. Luke and Ashton. Michael went up to the cop and told him something, and what ever it was let him let the boys pass him. Luke picked me up and squeezed me tight.


"You're ok. You are the strongest person I know." he whispered and rubbed my back. I clung to him and took advantage of this wonderful moment. He sat down and I refused to let go, so he sat me on his lap and I closed my eyes out of exhaustion as I layed my head on his warm chest, where I could hear his heart rate picking up speed.


"You look so tired, Bella." said Ashton. I nodded slightly. Michael took my hand again and I smiled at him.


"Everything is going to be all right." he said.


"Thanks guys. I probably would've fainted when I saw Calum lying on the ground if it weren't for Michael." I said kissing his cheek. I got up and sat in between Mikey and Luke, and Ashton sat next to Mikey. Michael put his hand on my thigh. I refused to look at him because I would show the way he was making me feel, and I never wanted it to end. Then, Luke put his arm around my shoulder and rubbed circles like he did during biology a couple days ago. My eyes widened at the new feeling, and I looked at Ashton. He tried to hold in his laugh, and he barely succeeded. 


"How long did they say?" Ashton asked.


"I think they said 10-15 minutes." I told him and tried to ignore the other two boys and my growing feelings. We were siting in a corner, and the lights were down low, so no one else could see what Luke and Michael were doing to me. Lukes hand slowly made its way down my side, and eventually to my lower hip, barely above my butt, where he started to rub again. I closed my eyes and pretended to be tired, when in reality I was trying to hold in a moan. I was already holding Michaels hand with my left so I gripped Lukes with my right. I squeezed it tight. Neither Michael nor Ashton or anyone else in the waiting room could see what he was doing to me. He fingers played with the hem of my shirt, eventually touching my bare skin with his warm hand. His fingers rubbed hard against my waist and played with the top of me jeans, but I knew it couldn't go farther than this. I was wrong. He put his jacket over me and it draped over my chest and lap like a blanket because it was so big.


"You look cold Bella." he said as an excuse.


"Yeah no kidding Edward Cullen." He smirked and placed his hand on my thigh under the sweatshirt, and still no one gave the indication that they knew. My thighs had a small gap in between them, and Michaels hand was still on my left thigh. Oh god, I thought. Lukes hand moved to the inside of my thigh, very close to my lady part, and he started to massage right there. He played with the hem of my jeans, but I knew he would go had far as to doing anything more. At least not here right now. Then the unexpected happened. Michael started to rub my other thigh, but I couldn't see either of their hands under the sweatshirt that Luke had put over me. It was almost unbearable and I wouldn't be surprised if I let out a moan right then and there. I smirked at Michael and he took that as an indication to rub harder. So now I had two extremely hot boys rubbing my thighs and turning me on in a freakin hospital waiting room. Luke started to slow down and he took out his phone. I didn't know what he was doing, but he looked at me and I heard my phone go off. I looked at it and it said on text,


Luke- Do you like this? ;)

Me- Maybe I do

Luke- Don't worry, there's a lot more from where that came from. Ya know you look really good today.

Me- HAHA no I don't.

Luke- Do I need to prove it to you?

Me- Sure, but I don't see how you could.

Luke- You just wait.


Luke put is phone away. After a minute of him looking like he was thinking, he said,


"Hey guys I need to talk to Bella for a second. We'll be right back." He took my hand and got up, dragging me to the unisex bathroom. He pulled me inside. This was one of those bathrooms where the stalls went all the way to the floor and ceiling, so no on could hear us. He shut and locked the door.


"Luke, what are you-" he pressed his lips against mine. This was my first kiss, and it felt amazing. He pressed my against the wall, and pinned my arms above my head. I felt so vulnerable, but in a good way. He pulled away and looked straight into my eyes.


"Was that you first kiss?" he asked. I nodded and shyly. He smiled that amazing smile and his lip ring gleamed in the light.


"Why did you kiss me? I mean, I loved it, but why would someone like you want to kiss someone like me?"


"Bella have you seen yourself? You are one of the most beautiful, sexy, adorable girls I have ever seen in my life. And I mean that, even if it sounds cheesy." I giggled.


"Not to mention just the sound of your giggle lights up my day." I blushed hard. He put his forehead on mine.


"I guess you know now that I really like you, but I think its too early to start a relationship. I just wanted you to know how I feel about you, even if you don't feel the same."


"I like you too Luke, but I also like someone else. I'm not sure who I want yet, because I only met you a couple days ago." he nodded like that didn't surprise him.


"So what are we?" I asked.


"Friends with benefits maybe? NOT the sex part though. Just maybe if we need to feel cared for or someone to cuddle with or maybe a quick kiss. Would you be up for that?" I thought about it. It wasn't a serious relationship, but if we wanted to feel like we had a boyfriend or girlfriend, we could have that.


"I don't see why not. But two rules." I said. He nodded eagerly.


"One, we cant let anyone know. Two, we cannot date anyone unless we have the others permission."


"I agree. Sound fair." he kissed me once more and left the stall with me following. He held my hand all the way to the waiting room, but let go before the guys could see. We sat down.


"What were you guys talking about?" asked Ashton. Michael looked at him like he was going to ask that question. Oh and by the way, if you haven't figured it out yet, Michael is my other crush. Thanks to my quick thinking, I said


"Just a surprise for Calum when he gets better. We will tell you guys later." Michael nodded and took my hand again. I'm not sure why he did it, but it gave my stomach butterflies. Then we heard over the loud speaker of the hospital,



"That's Calums room!!" I said and looked at Ashton. Two doctors and a nurse ran through the lobby with some more equipment. I knew I wasn't supposed to, but I ran after them anyways.


"Bella!! You cant go in there!!" Luke called after me but I didn't stop.


"Dammit!!" Michael called and ran after me. "Why are you so fast?!" Ashton and Luke followed him, but I was way ahead of them trying to reach the doctors before they shut the door. I was going to see my best friend even if the security tazed me. I was going to be there for him every awful step of the way. I would get so much revenge on Vanessa even if it put me in jail. Michael was about to catch me, but I put on a burst of speed. Being on track for 4 years really helped. Damn how many rooms are in this building? I thought. Finally the doctors turned in to one of the rooms and I followed them, but literally ran into security.


"Hold it miss where do you think your are going?" One really buff guy said.


"To see my best friend!!" I said trying to get passed them.


"Sorry miss we can't let you through unless the doctors says its ok."


"What the hell let me see him!!" I said trying to get passed them but Ashton picked me up and brought me into an empty room. He hugged me and I cried into him.


"I-I need t-to see him A-Ashton. Whats happening to him? I-I cant live without him. I cant." I cried and clung to him as he sat down with him. Luke and Michael were standing near by trying to comfort me.


Bella Henderson, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin report to room 408 immediately They called over the speaker. I was out of there in .2 seconds flat. I sprinted to his room and pushed the heavy door open. In a bed layed a still Calum. He wasn't moving at all. Nothing. His eyes were closed. I sank down into the chair and tears fell down my face again. I took his hand.


"Calum," I whispered. Nothing. I moved closer and spoke louder.


"Calum, please." I squeezed his hand, and still he said nothing. I felt someone place a hand on my shoulder. I looked back to see it was a doctor.


"He's going to be all right. He's still knocked out though. You can stay here, and sleep with him tonight. We can bring you both food in the morning. You can sleep in his bed or in the chair." I cried out in relief and hugged the doctor real quick.


"Thank you." he nodded and left the room, leaving the boys, me, and Calum alone.


"We'll give you two some time alone," said Ashton.


"But we just got he-" Luke started but Ashton threw him and Mikey out of the room and winked at me, closing the door behind him.


"Hey Calum. I know you cant hear me, but I want to say a few things." there was no one else in the room. "You are the one thing I cant live without. You are my brother. If you ever do something like this again, I will too. If you die, I'll kill myself, I promise you that. And you know I keep my promises. The last ten years have been the best of my life. Knowing I always have a home when my dad comes home drunk, I know I can always some to you, your mom, and your dad. I love you parents. They treat me like their own child, and I thank them for that. I thank you for not treating me any different when you found out my mom was dead, and my dad isn't the best. You are always there for me. You need to forget about Vanessa, because she's no good for you. You will find the love of your life one day. I know I will too. I'm so happy you introduced me to Luke, Michael, and Ashton. I think we are all going to be very good friend. I kinda have a crush on Mikey and Luke. I haven't told anyone that before, except Luke. We are in a weird position right now. Kinda like 'friends with benefits', but not the sex part. And we don't want anyone to know. I really like Michael. He is so caring and sweet, not to mention funny, hot, and just a great person over all. Ashton is so hilarious. His dimples and laugh are my favorite thing about him. He has awesome personality. Cal, I don't want you to ever leave me. I'm not going to live on his earth without my brother. I love you." I looked at his peaceful face and I swear I saw him start to smile. I closed my eyes hard for a couple seconds and shook my head, but when I opened them, Calum was looking at me.


"I love you too sis." My mouth dropped open.


"H-how much of that did you hear?"


"All of it. Don't worry I wont tell anyone about your crushes or you and Luke. I was hoping you would get together with one of them." I hugged him and told him to scoot over. I layed in the bed next to him and called for the guys to come on in.


"Hey mate." Mikey said and walked over. They did their secret handshake that I don't think they will ever get rid of.


"How ya feelin?" Ash asked.


"Better than earlier."


"Glad you're ok." said Luke. He nodded. Luke sat in the chair and held my hand under the table for comfort. I could tell it was hard to see one of his best friends lying in a hospital bed hooked up to wires and machines. None of them saw, except Calum. He smirked and I blushed and mouthed 'shut up' to him. He mouthed back 'ok'.


"I'm sleeping here tonight." I told them.


"Ok. We are too."


"Where you gonna sleep? The floor and the table?" I asked them with a raised eyebrow.


"Exactly." said Mikey proudly. I giggled.


"Lets go get our stuff. We'll be back in 20 minutes." said Luke who let go of my hand, which left an aching feeling in the pit of my stomach from loss of contact. They left and Calum turned to me.


"I saw the way Luke looked at you. But Michael looked at you the same way. Gurrrllll you gonna have some probleeemmmmssss." he teased. I don't know how he could be so cheery after such a traumatic event.


"I like both of them equally, but I don't think Michael likes me back. I know Luke does though. They are so similar yet so different."


"Have you kissed one of them yet?" he said like one of those popular teenage girls that was hearing out and collecting gossip.


"Me and Luke kissed like 5 minutes ago." He sat up.


"5 minutes ago? Where?"


"The bathroom."


"Are you sure nothing else happened???" he nudged me. I turned beat red.


"You know I would've told you already if we did."


"So its not a serious relationship, you just have eachother if you want to cuddle or kiss like boyfriend and girlfriend? Sounds like a real 'friends with benefits',"


"I just said that!!"


"So you do have sex with him!!" I face-palmed.


"No stupid."


"Well, do you want to?"


"No, I want my first time to be with Micha- I mean someone else."


"Mhm. I heard that." he said and I about pushed him off the bed despite his wires attached to him.


"Go back to sleep." I told him.


"You need sleep too." he said.


"Ok goodnight, love you big bro."


"Love you too little sis." 

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