Angel In Disguise

I looked into those piercing green eyes that I had grown to love and told him, "You are an Angel In Disguise."


2. Shortie and Asian

Bella's POV


"I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE" Calum texted me in the middle of English class. He was only a couple seats away from me but he was looking at me desperately. We were taking an exam over Romeo and Juliet and our teacher had called it a "fine work of literature and an amazing example of literalism" and when she said that Calum texted me "more like a fine piece of shit and an amazing example of why we should all stay home from school." I rolled my eyes and texted back,


Me- We only have one more year left and you are going to finish. Or else.

Calum- Or else what? You cant do anything, you are 5'4 and I'm over 6 feet tall.

Me- I'll tell Vanessa you drool and snore in your sleep and you wet the bed until you were 13 years old.

Calum- LIES. I NEVER DID THAT. Well maybe the drooling and snoring part but NOT THE BED WETTING PART.

Me- Then quit complaining and finish your test before you get both of us in trouble.

Calum- OK OK you win, miss shortie.

Me- I am NOT short, I'm just not tall. Yet.

Calum- What, are you expecting a growth spurt in the middle of 11th grade?

Me- Shut up, Asian.


Me- What the hell is a Kiwi? Isn't that a hairy fruit?

Calum- *Mental face-palm*

Me- WHATEVER go back to work.

Calum- Fine.

Calum- Shortie.

Me- Asian.

Calum- UUGHH you win.

Me- Haha succckkeeerrrr....

Calum- You're so lame. You are lucky to have me.

Me- Yes I know that now stop texting me before I thrown my own phone at you.

Calum- Fine.


We finished up our tests and turned them in before they bell rang. Next period was lunch and we were going to sit with Vanessa, Calums girlfriend. I didn't feel like the third wheel when I was with them though, she was really nice and fun, not to mention Victoria Secret model beautiful. No wonder Cal loved this girl.


"Hey boo." Calum said in his best impression of a girl. I giggled.


"Where's Vanessa?" I asked.


"We are going to meet her at the table today. OH. I almost forgot. So me and a couple of my friends are starting a band." he said all casual like. I stopped suddenly causing him to bump into me.


"Which friends?" I asked. I knew he was amazing at singing and playing the bass but the possibility of him being in a band had never crossed my mind.


"Luke, Ashton, and Michael." I had heard of Michael and Luke before, but I hadn't met them yet. Also I had not heard of Ashton before. I just nodded and continued to walk to the cafeteria where we met Vanessa.


"Hey babe." Vanessa said and kissed Calum.


"Hey Bella!!" Its seems like I haven't seen you in forever!" she said and hugged me. We had just gotten off of spring break and we hadn't see each other since before that. We got our food and went to out table. Its was usually just us three even though Calum is pretty popular. We sat down and after about 10 minutes three more guys came over, of course how else did you expect this story to go ;) They sat down and Calum said,


"Bella, Vanessa. This is Luke, Ashton, and Michael." Luke was a tall blonde-blue-eyed with a lip ring and black skinny jeans and a Nirvana t-shirt. Ashton had darker blonde hair (if that even makes sense lol) with hazel eyes and jeans like Lukes, a beanie and sunglasses, and a sweatshirt. Then Michael. Oh Michael. I couldn't tear my eyes away from him since the first time I looked at him, even if my life depended on it. He had red hair, of course dyed, and amazing green eyes, he had on black skinny jeans like the other two and a muscle shirt. Black boots that I found WAY too attractive, and he reminded me of a punk rock kitten with and eyebrow piercing for some reason. He stared at me with a hypnotized look.


"Hey Vanessa and Bella, I'm Luke." Luke said and waved at us.


"Why hello ladies." Ashton said and kissed our hands while trying to keep in a laugh. I could tell he was the clown of the band. Calum playfully swatted hid hand away and told him,


"Ay this ones taken, but my best friend is up for grabs." Calum smirked a devilish grin and both Luke and Ashton rose their hands, but I was still focused on Michael, as he was on me. He smile and it made my heart melt at the sight and I smiled back. He looked me over not sexually, but with curiosity that I loved.


"Well Michael are you gonna say something or are you too busy undressing Bella with your eyes?" Ashton said and ran away as Michael went to slap him upside the head. He was blushing and it was adorable.


"Uhh hi Bella. Vanessa." he said quietly. He seemed like the shy one, but I'm assuming he got really loud once you got to know him more.


"Lets eat!!" Cal said like we were about to eat Christmas dinner. Lunch consisted of the boys throwing French fries at each other, Calum and Vanessa making out with each other once or twice to purposely annoy me, and Ashton almost falling into a trash can head-first while running away from Michael and Luke after he put ice cubes down their shirts. Lets say I haven't laughed that hard in a while. We walked to our next classes.


"What do you guys have next?" I asked the boys.


"Music." said Ashton.


"Math." said Michael.


"Biology." said Luke, which surprised me because that's what I had next.


"That's what I have. How come I've never seen you before?" he just shrugged and we went our separate ways. Me and Luke were walking alone in silence until he said,


"Ya know Michael thinks you're really pretty." I smiled at the thought of him. He was pretty hot himself. I wanted to tell him I knew, but I couldn't believe it. No one like him would think someone like me is even cute nevermind pretty or beautiful.

"Sure he does." I said sarcastically. Luke looked me over.


"Do you not believe me? Have you looked at yourself lately? Damn....." I blushed and smirked.


"No, I don't believe you."


"What do you want me to prove it?" This time I looked him over. Yes, I do, I thought. I laughed.


"You move fast, don't you?" He looked down at me because he was even taller than Calum.

"Yeah, I do." He scooted closer to me as we walked into class.


"You wanna sit next to me?" he asked. I nodded and followed him to the back where we would be hidden from the teacher. Oh dear lord what did I get myself into?

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