Angel In Disguise

I looked into those piercing green eyes that I had grown to love and told him, "You are an Angel In Disguise."


5. Pain, Tears, Blood, And a Text

Songs of the chapter:

-Invisible by 5sos

-Broken Home by 5sos

-Heartache on the Big Screen by 5sos

-Don't forget Where You Belong by 1D




Bellas POV


I sat in my last class with Luke with my head in my hands. Worrying about Calum getting cheated on again is giving me a headache. Luke poked me in the side.


"Whats wrong with you?" he whispered. I just shook my head and tried to give him the indication I wasn't going to tell him.


"I'm not gonna leave you alone 'till you tell me, ya know that right?" I sighed.


"Just a headache. I'm not feeling too good." which wasn't a lie, just not the whole truth. I got a text from Calum.


Calum- I'm not feeling good I'm going home now. I have to take care of something. I'm sorry but you will have to get a ride with someone else. All the boys have cars Xx

Me- Its ok I'll ask Michael. Give me his number. 


He gave  me Michaels number and I typed it in.


Me- Hey Michael, it's Bella. Calum went home early can you give me a ride to his house please? :)

Michael- Sure thing. Meet me outside at the black convertible.

Me- Fancy

Michael- Oh my god lol

Me- Bells 'bout to ring see ya

Michael- ok bye


The bell rang and after I said goodbye to Luke, I went out to the parking lot.


"Hey Bella. Hop in," he said and got in the drivers seat. I got in shotgun and closed the door.


"Why did Calum leave early?" he asked.


"He said he wasn't feeling good and he had to take car of something."


"Oh I hope he feels better soon."


"Me too." We rode in silence for a couple minutes. I was deep in thought thinking that Calum did seem a little down today, but there is no way he could be sick. And what did he mean by take care of something? I gasped and sat forward in my seat and grasped Michaels arm.


"Whats wrong Bella?" he says worried and placed his hand over mind.


"There is no way Calum could be sick. It just isn't possible. And what did he mean by take care of something?" Michaels eyes widened.


"Do you, do you think it has something to do with Vanessa?" he asked quietly. I nodded.


"Michael hurry up." He sped through the neighborhood and I jumped out of the car before it even stopped. Before I shut the door Mikey said,


"Text me when you get in and let me know if he's ok. I'll be right here. I'm not leaving until I know he's ok."


"Ok, thank you." I placed a long kiss on his cheek, and he smiled through the tears in his eyes that came from the worry of his best friend. I sprinted to the front door and noticed that Calums car was here, but his mom or dads wasn't. Oh god, I thought as I unlocked the front door with the keys that Calums mom had given me a couple years ago. I threw my backpack in the living room.


"Calum?!" I called through the silent house.


"Calum!!!!" Still no answer. I called Michael and he answered on the first ring.


"Is he ok???" he asked.


"I'm not sure yet I'm going to check in his room, stay on the phone with me." I said and ran up the stairs as fast as I could.


"Calum!!!" I called as I ran into his bedroom. He wasn't in there, but the light to the bathroom was on and the door was shut. I knocked loud on the door.


"Calum are you in there?" he didn't answer. I tried to open the door but it was locked.


"Damnit." I ran to his moms room and grabbed the key in her dresser that unlocked all the doors in the house, including the bathrooms.


"You still there?" I asked Michael through the phone.


"Yeah did you find him?"


"No but I think I'm about to." I ran back to his room with the key and my shaky hand stuck the key in the lock. I pushed the door open fast and I screamed.


"Calum!!!" I bent down and ran to his side.


"Bella? Bella whats wrong with him?" Michael asked but I couldn't answer. Calum was passed out on the floor with a knife in his hand. Dozens, maybe even over a hundred cuts ran up and down his arms. His shirt and the floor were soaked in blood. I dropped the phone and checked him for a pulse. At least he wasn't dead. I heard Michael running up the stairs and into his bed room. Calums phone was unlocked and It was on text message. It read,


Vanessa- Calum I need to tell you something......

Calum- Ok what is it? Are you ok?

Vanessa- I'm fine but you wont be.

Calum- What do you mean?

Vanessa- I cheated on you with Jake. Probably over a dozen times. And I don't regret it. I never loved you Calum. I'm done with you.


Michael burst into the bathroom with tears streaming down his face.


"Call 911 Mikey he's loosing too much blood." I said and cried into Calums limp body. Mikey took his phone out and called 911.


"They said they will be here in 5 minutes." He sat down next to me and held my hand.


"What made him do this?" he asked. I shoved Calums phone at Michael and let him read the breakup texts between Cal and Vanessa. He slammed the phone down and said a few cusswords that I will not repeat.


"Fuck Vanessa. She's a whore and a slut and a bitch and-" I put my hand over his mouth.


"I know she is all of those but calling her that wont make the situation any better."


"Sorry." he apologized.


"Don't you dare apologize. You were only saying the truth." a faint smile tugged at his mouth. I bent down and kissed Calum head.


"This is what I was afraid would happen if he got heartbroken again." I whispered. Michael wrapped his arms around me and I clung to him like I did to Calum while we watched The Notebook. We heard people open the door downstairs open and heavy footstep and equipment being rushed up the stairs. I got up and hauled Michael to his feet. The paramedics rushed in and put Calum on the stretcher, then they carried him down the stairs. The police had come also. One cop said to us,


"One of you can ride with the boy in the ambulance, but only one."


"You go, I have a car." Michael said and ran out the door as the police officer escorted me to the ambulance. I got in after everyone else and held Calums hand. One of the doctors in the truck asked me,


"Are you his girlfriend?"


"No." I told them. "I'm his sister."

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