Angel In Disguise

I looked into those piercing green eyes that I had grown to love and told him, "You are an Angel In Disguise."


13. My Dad Visits the Hoods'

Songs of the chapter:

-Photograph by Ed Sheeran

-Down by Marian Hill

-Everytime We Touch by Cascada


My eyes fluttered open, then I squinted because of the sunlight pouring through the windows. I tuned over and gasped. Luke was there, looking like a sleeping, blonde headed angel. Oh god, I did it last night. At least he used protection. I smiled to myself. For the past couple weeks I thought that I would lose my virginity to Michael, but this was just as good. Then I sat up suddenly. Oh crap. I did not forget, did I? I guess my sudden movement woke up Luke because he opened his eyes.


"Whats wrong Bella?" he mumbled in his deep morning voice.


"I-I gotta go." I said and threw the covers off me. I ran to get my clothes and got ready faster than I ever had. It took me about 5 minutes to finish. I ran over to a confused Luke and kissed him on the cheek. 


"I'll see you later."


"Wait! Where are you going?"


"I've gotta get to my dads. I should've gone yesterday but, well, we were kinda busy." He got out of bed and threw on some shorts. He ran after me as I sprinted down the stairs. Michael was on the couch and seemed surprised that I was still here. Calum and his mom were standing at the door talking to someone. I grabbed the rest of my stuff that was downstairs. I walked over to Michael and kissed him on the cheek, just like I did to Luke.


"Bye, I'll see ya later." he nodded and went back to the tv and his breakfast. I spun around right into Luke.


"Why do you look so worried? I'm sure your dad would understand that you were at a friends house."


"You-you don't understand. I have to go. Now." I sped walked over to Ashton and grabbed his arm while hauling him to his feet. I took the apple out of his hands, through it in the garbage, and stuck his keys in his hands.


"We have to go. Right now," I whispered to him. He nodded, understanding why. We walked to the door and I let out a loud yelp when I saw who Calum and his mom were talking to. He was a tall, sturdy man with the look of an alcoholic. He had a cold grin on his face that everyone thought was real but I knew was as fake as a barbies ass. I grabbed onto Ashtons arm. He must've seen the resemblance and my horrified look to know it was my dad because he protectively pushed me behind him. Cals mom turned to me with a happy grin.


"Isn't this a wonderful surprise Bella? We finally get to meet your father!"


"Hello Bella." he said. "You were supposed to come home last night. You weren't there so I came looking for you." 


"I'm s-sorry dad. I uhh, forgot."


"Of course you did. We need to be going now." he turned to Ms.Hood. "Thank you for introducing me to your son. I feel we'll be seeing each other again very soon." I gulped. I pretty much had just signed Calums death warrant. Ashton took my phone out of my pocket and put his phone number in it. 


"If you need me for anything, call or text me. I'll answer right away." I nodded and hugged him.


"Thank you." I whispered in his ear so the others couldn't hear. I walked to the door trying not to look guilty or scared, and hugged Calum.


"You know I love you right?" he nodded and looked at me weird. 


"Why did you ask that?"


"No reason. Bye." I waved and went to my dads truck. I got in and my dad started the car and drove off without saying a word to me. It was a long and awkward car ride, which was not unusual.  When we got there I walked up to the house behind him. When I got in and shut the door behind me, I said to him,


"Dad, I'm really sorry. I just forgot and I was having fun and-" he turned around and slapped me across the face. I cried out and fell to the floor. He kicked me in the ribs, making me yell out in pain.


"I told you what would happen if I had to come looking for you. Calum would get hurt. And anyone who got in my way would also get hurt." I stood back up and leaned against the door frame. 


"I said I was-" he cut me off by taking me and slinging me over his shoulder. 


"Put me down!" I screamed. He ignored me. When we got to the top of the stairs He put me in the guest bedroom.


"There's someone here to see you. You don't know him, but you two will be having a little 'fun' tonight."


"Well, your definition of fun his scary to me so please enlighten me on what nightmare you've set up for me this time!" He turned me around to reveal a kid from my school. He was on the football team. He was strong, lean, and hot, but not my type.


"What the hell are you doing in my house Hayden?" I had only talked to him a couple times, and he had asked me out twice, but I had said no. He smirked and looked me over.


"Hey Bells. Lookin' good." Only Michael was aloud to call me that, but I was too exhausted to fight with him and his stupidity right now. 


"I'll ask again; why are you here?" 


"Hey Jason, why don't you tell her?" Jason was my dad's name so obviously their evil little minds had a plan of some kind.


"Well Bella, I need some more money because I was laid off recently-"


"You mean fired?"


"Shut up and don't interrupt me," he said raising his hand like he was about to hit me. 


"As I was saying, I need some money. Your friend Hayden here came to me with a deal: He would pay me $2,000 for your virginity." I scoffed.


"That's gonna be a little hard since I don't have it anymore." My dad scowled.


"Who did you lose it to?"


"That's none of your business." He rolled his eyes.


"Doesn't matter. My point is that you are gonna give Hayden what he wants whether or not you like it so I can get the money, got it?"


"And what if I don't?" I glared at him.


"We knew you were gonna say that so I stole some handcuffs from the police station before they let me go last week." My eyes grew in fear and I took a step back. I shook my head and looked at my dad.


"Dad, I know you hate me but you aren't serious, are you?"


"Of course I am! Why the hell would I care about what you want?"


"Because mom would have." I whispered. He slapped me across the face again.


"I have already told you never to mention that name in this house again!" He threw me to Hayden who threw me on the bed. He handcuffed both my wrists to the bed frame so I couldn't move no matter how hard I tried.


"Let me go, Hayden! What makes you think I won't tell the police?" My dad had left us by now. Hayden was in the middle of getting undressed. I have to admit he had some pretty nice abs, but they weren't as good as Lukes. 


"Because your dad told me that if you ever went to the police or anyone else telling them about what he does or the deals he makes that involve you, he would kill Calum, your 'best friend'." I blinked and a tear rolled down my cheek.


"Wow, I didn't think you were this shallow." he smirked.


"You should'a said yes the first time, hun." He walked over to me and ripped off my shirt, then following with my shorts. God help me, I prayed. More tears rolled down my face as I started to fight, but it was utterly useless.


That day I was raped, and it will scar me for the rest of my miserable life.

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