Angel In Disguise

I looked into those piercing green eyes that I had grown to love and told him, "You are an Angel In Disguise."


9. Meeting Nadia

Songs of the chapter:

-Catch Fire by 5sos

-English Love Affair by 5sos

-Side To Side by Ariana Grande

-Photograph by Ed Sheeran



I jumped into the car in between Luke and Michael and put my seat belt on. Ashton got in the drivers side while Calum got shotgun. I was a little worried about sitting in between the two, but I took a deep breath and shook off my nervousness. Its just a stupid crush, I told myself. Or crushes.... Ash stepped on the gas. He looked really sleepy and worn out from worrying, until he mentioned Nadia. He seemed to fill with life when he spoke about her. I was really excited to meet her, and hopefully we would become good friends. The hospital had released Calum since he had only lost blood, which they had replaced, but we were all told while he was asleep to keep an eye on him and to make sure he doesn't do anything like this again. The result could be fatal. The thought made me shiver. Michael noticed and texted me.


Michael- Are you cold?

Me- No, just thinking about Calum and what the doctor said. I'm still worried

Michael- We are all going to help him. And I'll help you. I'm here if you ever need to talk about anything. You can trust me, I promise

Me- Thank you Mikey, and I do trust you ;)


I changed Michaels contact name from 'Michael' to 'Mikey'.


Mikey- You do?

Me- How could I not?


He didn't respond, but instead looked out his window and had a pained look on his face. Eventually he started to text again.


Mikey- You don't know me and my past. You wouldn't trust me if you knew

Me- What are you talking about? What did you do?

Michael- I'd rather not get into detail right now. But I guess I'll have to talk sooner rather than later no matter what


And with that he shut his phone off and rested his head against the window with a regretful look in his eyes. What could he have done? Just as I was about to ask Ashton when we were going to get there, he screamed,


"We're here!!!!" and he jumped out of the car. He rushed towards a girl with long blonde hair, and blue eyes with a layed back style. I got out after him and walked up to them. Ashton and Nadia were kissing until I got there, and they pulled apart. She smiled at me.


"Hey, you must be Bella!"  she hugged me and I hugged her back. We were about the same height and she looked very athletic, and had a great body. Ashton beamed as he put an arm around her shoulder.


"Hey Nadia. Ashton has told me so much about you. Like he wouldn't shut up about it." We both giggled and he blushed, but soon his cocky grin came back. 


"Well how could I not brag about such an amazing and beautiful girl." He kissed her cheek and this time she turned red but smiled at him. The were so adorable together, and they fit perfectly. Calum, Michael and Luke came up to us and said 'hi' to Nadia. We went into the Starbucks that I hadn't noticed we'd pulled up to. We found our seats and ordered our food and drinks, and got to know eachother a little better.


"So how long have you and Ashton been together?" I asked even though I already knew the answer. I just wanted to use it as a conversation starter.


"Over four years." she smiled dreamily and looked at Ashton, who was talking to the boys about some 'manly' thing. "I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he will eventually turn out to be 'the one'," she said as I took a sip from my drink.


"He seems a lot more mature than the rest of those idiots." she giggled.


"Trust me he hasn't always been like that. When I first met him 6 years ago, he was the most childish and irresponsible out of the four. Calum was the most mature then, which now that I think about it, was and is still very surprising." She said as we looked at him and Mikey to see them having a drinking contest from their Venti Frappe's. 


"Yes, yes it is." I said. "At least they're helping to get Calums mind off of his recent accident." She reached across the table and put her hand on top of mine out of kindness. Her smile was gone and the love in her eyes was replaced with sorrow and sadness.


"Ashton told me. I will help in any way I can to make sure he doesn't do it again. He's a good friend of mine and I know he has a lot of friends and family that care about him. What made him do it?" I sighed and looked away, and began the story from the time he texted me that I would have to ride home with Mikey, and to last night at the hospital (minus the Luke and Michael part ;). After I told it I added in what I had been thinking;


"I feel like I'm not good enough for him. We've been best friends for 10 years, but I couldn't even stop him from doing something like this. Am I not doing something right?" When I finished I felt a tear slip down my cheek, but I quickly wiped it away. Nadia got up from her side of the table and sat down next to me. She wrapped and arm around my shoulder, like Ashton had done to her, and she said,


"I know we just met, but I can already tell we are going to be great friends. You seem like and amazing person and you are Calums best friend for a reason. Who knows, if it were someone else, he might've killed himself. Something like heartbreak is not something a best friend can stop. It just happens, but you have to be there for him. And you were. I know Calum is lucky to have you as his best friend, and I couldn't imagine that spot to be taken by someone else." she hugged me and I jumped when I heard a voice behind us.


"She's right, ya know. I can't imagine myself with someone else as my best friend. You didn't do anything wrong. I love you Bella. Remember that promise we made when we were 8 years old? 'BFF's till we die'. And I'm still keeping that promise." he sat next to me and he hugged me tight. Once we let go I hugged Nadia again and said,


"Thank you. No wonder Ashton loves you so much." She smiled wide. I cant believe I'm crying, I'm such a baby. I need to start hiding my emotions more or people are going to start to think differently of me. We soon left and headed over to Ashton and Nadias house. I had no clue they shared a house, but if they had been together for over 4 years, loved eachother, and were possibly planning to spend their future together, I guess it shouldn't have been too surprising. We pulled down a long gravel road wish was surrounded by an expensive looking gate. After a couple minutes of driving, we pulled up to huge black gates that Ashton pulled up to with us right behind him. He said something into the speaker and the heavy metallic gates swung open to reveal a fucking mansion. Actually, that's an understatement of how big it was. Think of every football player in the entire world, put all their money together to build one freakin big building. We must be at one of their friends houses who just happen to be famous, I thought in denial. Michael saw my mouth hanging open and shut it with his own hand.


"That's what I did when I first came here. Pretty impressive, huh?" I nodded still staring out the window. How could they afford this?


"Nadias father is a retired soccer player (or football player depending on where you're from) and her mother is a retired singer that was famous in the 80's. She was as popular then as Taylor Swift is now, and that's how they live in this giant thing." Luke said and pointed out the window.


"Way to sound intelligent" I told him and Mikey snickered. Luke rolled his eyes.


"Have you been here before, Calum?" I asked. He nodded. "Why haven't you told me?"


"Touchy subject." he said. For some reason Michael looked guilty like he was remembering something bad that he did.


"How is that a touchy subj-" but the look Calum gave me told me to shut up. Apparently, it wasn't a story for right here, right now. It would have to wait, I guess. We got out of the car to be greeted by Ashton and Nadia, who were holding hands. The boys got out and we all headed up to the ginormous glass and red wood front door. We rang the doorbell and soon after an older guy, maybe in his mid 40's, early 50's, answered the door. He was wearing a white suit and a red and black tie, with polished black shoes, and a navy crew cut hair style. He smiled slightly while saying,


"Come in Ms. Zamets." she smiled and said thank you, and we followed behind her into the house. It was absolutely gorgeous. There was a spiral stair case with polished, matching red wood that matched the front door and many pieces of furniture in the home. There was an enormous living room with 4 couches and an 8 foot tv, which was probably specially made just for the Zamets. There was expensive, soft, clean, white rug underneath all furniture. There were many side tables with thick books on them and a couple of glasses of red whine. A couple in about their late 50's came down the stair and stopped in the living room, right infront of us. The looked so much like Nadia that it was scary. The both had blonde hair, but the mom had blue eyes and the father had brown. Even though they looked older, then looked like they were and are in very good shape. They greeted Ashton, Nadia, and Calum, then turned to us.   


"Honey are you going to introduce us to your new friends?" the lady asked like a mom would to her son in high school.


"Mom and dad, this is Bella, Luke, and Michael," she said pointing to each one of us as she said our names. "Guys this is my mom and dad, Rebecca and Joseph Zamets. Former singer and football player."

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