Angel In Disguise

I looked into those piercing green eyes that I had grown to love and told him, "You are an Angel In Disguise."


3. I Was Just Messing With You

Bella's POV


Luke and I sat down in the seats behind the back lab, where no one else was. The bell rang and our teacher started talking about ocean life and the sea floor spreading and earths mantle crap and convection currents crap. We were about half way through class when I noticed Luke looking at me like he couldn't stop. I turned to meet his ocean blue eyes thinking he would look away but when I did he smirked. I smiled then turned back towards the board where out teacher, Ms.Clark, was drawing the rock cycle diagram. My arms were outstretched infront of me and there wasn't a lot of space between the two seats. Lukes hand slowly started to moved upwards, and I thought he was going to get his pencil, but instead his fingers lightly brushed by arm. I ignore it thinking it was an accident until I felt it again, but he started to rub my arm up and down. I held in a gasp and looked at him. He was looking ahead like he was paying attention, but I knew there was no way in hell he could pay attention and do this at the same time. I rose my arm up to my face and pretended to cough into it, and when I placed it back down I put it a little farther away from him but not too far so it would look intentional. The chairs in this class had wheels on the bottoms so he easily moved his closer to me until they were touching like a bench. He did the classic "pretend to yawn and stretch and put your arm behind the girl" move, but instead of just putting it on the chair, he put it on my upper arm and rubbed again. This time in circular motions that kept getting closer to my tank top strap. I let out a very quiet moan so only he could hear and he looked at me. Our faces were super close, like close enough to kiss, but instead he winked and the bell rang. He got up and left me there thoroughly confused. What the hell, I thought. We just met like and hour and a half ago and he's already made me MOAN?!


Calum- Hey where are you? he texted me.

Me- Umm I-I'll be there in a sec just hold on.

Calum- Are you alright?

Me- Why don't you ask Luke.....

Calum- Uhh okkkk


I got up and walked out of the room to run into Ashton.


"Oh hey Bella!! Where are ya headed to?"


"Oh what are you gonna try to make a move on me too??" he cocked an eyebrow and looked at me confused.


"Uhh, 'scuse me?" I rolled me eyes.


"Do you not know what Luke just did?"


"Well obviously not."


"He was being flirty with me in the hallway and in class and he kept touching my arms. I'm not saying I didn't like it, but why?" Ash laughed. He actually had the freakin nerve to laugh.

"Sorry he gets like that sometimes around pretty girls. He's really a nice guy though."


"The why did he do it around me? I'm not pretty." he laughed again.


"Shut up yes you are now lets go find Calum and Michael!!" He said and dragged me down the hallway while I giggled.

"Eyy mate!!" Michael said to Ashton. He smile at me. "Hi Bella."

"Hey." I looked at Luke and glared at him and he laughed at me.


"I was just messing with you, chill." he admitted.


"Who the hell says 'chill'?" asked Vanessa who was holding Calums hand.


"Me that's who" he defended himself. Calum shook his head.


"Come one Bella, I'm taking Vanessa home and you are spending the night remember?

"Yeah I do."

"Ok. Bye guys" we waved to them and Cal, Vanessa and I went to his car. We dropped Vanessa off and I sat in the front next to Calum. One thing was on my mind, and its not what you think.


"When was the last time you and Vanessa went out or saw each other outside of school?" he kept his eyes on the road and answered,


"I don't know, maybe last month?"


"Last month?! What as she been doing this entire time?" he looked down and said,


"Well, she said she had some family problems and that I wasn't allowed to come to her house for a while." I had noticed a change in Vanessa lately. She seemed to be not so nice and had gotten farther away from Calum.


"I'm sure everything will be ok." I said and took his hand with a sisterly gesture. We considered eachother siblings. We fought like siblings, playfully shouted insults at eachother like siblings, loved eachother like siblings, and we were over eachothers houses most of the time.  We got to his house and when we got inside I could smell meatballs like Calums mom was cooking food. My mom had died when I was 4 years old, so it was just me and my dad. I called Calums mom, 'mom'.


"Hey mom watcha cooking?" i hugged her and stared at the pot she was stirring.


"Meatballs and spaghetti, your favorite of course."  


"Thanks." Calum dragged me up the stairs and we sat on his bed. We were on our phones when his phone rang.


"Vanessa." he said a little surprised. I pretended to not pay attention, but obviously I was. He answered the phone and held it up to his ear. I watched as he listened and he mumbled some 'ok's and 'why's. He didn't look that happy. I heard his gasp and he sat up straight.


"What? Why?!" He had angry tears in his eyes and I had put my phone down now. He hung up and slammed his phone on the bed.


"What happened." I put my hand on his shoulder and he looked at me.


"Vanessa said she wants to take a break from seeing each other for a while. We aren't breaking up, just, she said, she doesn't want to see me for a while and she wont becoming to school because- one of her ummmm- friends is coming over to her house."


"What friend?" I asked.


"I asked her that and she said 'one of her guys friends'.


"Oh. I'm sure it will be fine. She's your girlfriend and I trust her." he didn't look convinced, but he nodded. He layed back on his pillow and stared at his ceiling fan. I layed my head on his chest and he rapped his arms around me and closed his eyes. I wished I had a boyfriend who loved me to do this with. We layed there for about 10 minutes when "our" mom called,


"DINNER!!" and we slowly got up and trudged down the stairs.






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