Angel In Disguise

I looked into those piercing green eyes that I had grown to love and told him, "You are an Angel In Disguise."


4. Getting Someones Attention

Songs of the chapter:

-Just Saying by 5sos

-Stand Up by 1D

-Good Girls by 5sos

-Me & My Girls by Fifth Harmony

-Life Of The Party Shawn Mendes



Bellas POV


"So what did you guys do at school today?" asked Calums mom. I twirled my spaghetti on my fork and said,


"Well Calum almost quit school during English class, I met Ashton, Luke, and Michael, and I had an interesting biology class with Luke." "Mhm," she said like Calum almost dropping out was a normal thing, then she said, "How was biology with Luke interesting?"

"Well, he was being all flirty with me and touching my arms. but I'm not saying I didn't like it." I smiled.


"Ohh Luke. He's a very nice boy." She winked and I giggled and Calum smiled, but didn't look up.

"What did you think about Ashton and Michael?" she asked.


"Ashton is very funny and carefree. Cute and I love his giggle. Michael, he's..... perfect." I had a dazed smile on my lips and stared out the back window that lead to the back porch.


"Oohh does someone have a crush??" she said sneakily and we laughed. "Maybe." she turned to Cal.


"What did you do today?" he shrugged and pushed his uneaten food around his plate. "Nothing really. I have some homework and me and Ash got in trouble for throwing paper wads at eachother during History. So, the usual I guess." he didn't meet his moms eyes or mine. She nodded.


"You sound a little worn out. Is everything ok?" He looked up and looked out the window and said,

"Yeah. Yeah everything's just fine." I took his hand under the table and squeezed it. He looked at me grateful for the comfort.


"Well we better be headed to bed. Goodnight mom, thanks for dinner." I told her. "Goodnight babies, love you."

"Love you too mum." Calum said quietly and ran up the stairs leaving me in the dust. I ran after him and found him lying on his bed face-first. I saw his shoulder shaking and a couple whimpers coming from him. I walked over to him and rubbed his back to calm him down. I didn't understand why he was so worked up about this. Vanessa probably just wanted to take a break because of her so-called family problems. And I'm sure her guy friend didn't really matter. I bet it was one of her cousins or something. He sat up and hugged me tightly after I shut the door. He cried louder and it broke my heart to see my best friend like this. I pulled him down into bed and he started to calm down as I put in his favorite movie. It was Paranormal and I thought a scary movie would maybe take his mind off of Vanessa. We were about 20 minutes in the movie when I looked over to find him asleep. I pulled the covers over him and went to the guest bedroom. I got in and was asleep in about 10 seconds.



*Next morning at around 6:00am*


"Get up!!! Get up!!! Get your lazy ass out of bed!!" Calum sang his morning song and smacked me with a pillow multiple times until I fell off the bed and hit the floor.


"Oww." I complained.


"If you hurry up and get a boyfriend you'll be sayin a lot more 'owws'," he smirked.


"Oh shut up, its too early for your crap."


"Love you too." he said and went into his room to get ready. He took his pants off and was about to take his boxers off too but I looked away.

"A little warning next time would be great," he laughed. "You should be used to this after 10 years."


"Brothers don't strip infront of their sisters."


"Good point." I put on my makeup and got dressed in skinny jeans, black boots, and a black crop top. I curled my hair and put on red lip stick.


"Well who are you trying to impress?" 


"No one." I said.


"Mhm, if I'm correct, I would think your trying to get Luke or Michaels attention. Am I right?" I looked at him and tried my hardest not to smile when I said no. I tend to smile for some reason when I lie.


"Nooooo....." as a grin tugged at the corners of my mouth.


"Yes you are!!!!!!!!" He tried to grab his phone, I'm assuming to text them, but I snatched it. I ran down the stairs, thankful I hadn't put on the boots with heels, and ran to mom.


"MOM CALUMS CHASING ME!!" I yelled and ran into the kitchen to find her eating breakfast. She stopped eating and looked me up and down.


"Who are you trying to impress??"


"That's what Calum said. He said I was trying to impress Luke and Michael and he was goin to tell them so I grabbed his phone and now he's standing behind me isn't he?" I asked her because I heard him trying to sneak up on me. He put one hand over my mouth and put his other around me, pinning my arms to my sides. I licked his hand and he pulled it away and said,

"Eww." I used his own line on him,


"You should be used to this after 10 years." he rolled his eyes and took his phone as I sat down. He stuffed it in his pocket.


"Aren't you going to tell them?" I asked.


"No, I'll save you some sanity since you will be getting a lot more attention than just Mikey and Luke today. Maybe even Ashton. If anyone else puts their hands on you I'll kill em." Mom just stared at us trying not to giggle at our conversation.


"Good to know I have a personal body guard." I patted his shoulder and walked to the front door to get his keys. I stood at the door with our backpacks waiting for him to get his slow ass out the door. When he finally got there, we said by to his mom, and walked outside. We got in the car and drove to star bucks like we did every morning. After getting the food and drinks, we headed to school. Calum had put his phone in the cup holder and he kept looking at it nervously and anxiously like he was waiting for a text from someone and he was not going to be happy when he got it. I put my hand over the phone.


"You need to stop thinking about her. At least for now."


"But I cant! She's my girlfriend. I just cant stop thinking about her."


"I know. It will be ok." He looked at me like he wanted to believe me, but he couldn't. We rode in silence for another couple minutes. We got out and we started to walk in to the school, but we heard a wolf whistle behind us and Calum turned around with a glare ready to beat the shit out of someone. But he relaxed when he saw it was just the guys.


"Someone's looking sexy today." Ashton said and smiled. I blushed and rolled my eyes.


"Hey pretty girl whats up?" Luke said and walked over to me. But all I did was look at Michael. He was smiling at me and I smiled back.


"Hey Michael."


"Hey Bella." he winked and walked on the other side of me. 


"Now you have four body guards today." said Calum.


"I don't need body guards I can take care of myself." Luke looked me up and down and said,


"You sure about that? Do you know how many perverted guys are in this school that will do anything for that. You will definitely get their attention all right." I walked over to him and kissed his cheek for being protective which made him smile and his cheeks turn a little red. I glanced at Michael and swore I saw jealousy in his eyes. What is he jealous about? I thought. So I walked over to him and walked with him to my locker.


"So has Calum told you about Vanessa yet?" Michael asked.


"Yeah. I'm really worried about him. But I don't think she would do anything like that. Would she?" he shook his like he was thinking.


"I don't know. Ash and I know some stuff about Vanessa that Calum doesn't even know, and we decided against telling him."


"What is it?" I asked confused.


"Promise not to tell him. He doesn't need something else to worry about right now."


"Ok, I promise."


"A couple years back, Vanessa was going out with this Jake dude, and she cheated on him, more than once with different people. They were more like 'sex buddies' than 'boyfriend and girlfriend'." Jake kept coming back to her countless times no matter what she did."


"Can you spell 'desperate'." I said sarcastically. He laughed.


"So, she took him back. Over and over again. Ashton lives in Vanessa's neighborhood and he said he's seen Jake go over to her house countless times to spend the night. He leaves early in the morning. The last time he saw Jake was last night, at her house. And because he can see her house from his house, he said that her bedroom light was on all night. He saw two shadows in constant contact, like they were, uhh, kissing." I stopped walking.


"You have to be joking." I said. He shook his head sadly.


"I wish I was. But I wouldn't joke with something like this." He leaned against the wall as I opened my locker.


"If she hurts him, so help me-"


"I wouldn't do anything if I were you." he said.


"Why not?"


"Her daddy works with the president. He is the Vice President of the USA."


"Now you have to be kidding." he shook his head again.


"That's why no one is ever rude to her when she does something wrong. That's also why she's so popular."


"That bitch. I don't care if her dad might be the future President of the USA, I'm watching out for my best friend."


"I'm with you. And so is Ashton. Luke doesn't know any of this, and you can't tell Calum. It will only make things worse for him." I nodded and got my stuff. I closed my locker quietly and moved closer to Michael and looked up at him.


"What if something happens to Calum. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if he gets heartbroken again. I've already seen it once and I don't want to see it again." I whispered as tears came up to my eyes, remembering the last time Cal had his heart broken. He opened his arms and I hugged him tightly.


"We'll be there for him. Promise?"

















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