Angel In Disguise

I looked into those piercing green eyes that I had grown to love and told him, "You are an Angel In Disguise."


8. Can We Cuddle At 2am?

Songs of the chapter:

-History by 1D

-Crazy Beautiful by Andy Grammer

-A Million Lives by Jake Miller


"Babe. Baby wake up." someone said while shaking me. I opened my eyes to meet crystal blue eyes that seemed excited for something.


"We're calling eachother 'babe' now, huh?" I asked in a raspy voice." I rubbed my eyes and asked what time it was.


"2am." he said simply.


"You woke me up at 2am? For what?"


"I need someone to cuddle with and Ashton already said no."


"You asked Ash to cuddle with you?" I asked surprised. He nodded.


"Fine." I said. For some very weird reason there was an office in the room, so we went in there. We sat down on the carpeted floor and he brought me into his arms. It felt so right yet it felt so wrong. I layed face first on the floor and closed my eyes.


"Well someone's tired."


"Yeah that's because normal people sleep at 2am, not sneakily cuddle in a doctors office." he laughed and sat next to me. He rubbed my back up and down which felt really good. I let out a quiet moan. He stopped.


"Why'd you stop?" I asked, but instead of responding, he lifted my shirt up and continued to rub my back. I put my head back down and moaned into my hands. His hands were so gentle yet rough and warm. His hands got closer, and closer, and closer until they were at the hem of my leggings. He didn't do what I thought he was going to do. Instead he flipped me over. My shirt was half way up my stomach barely covering my bra. He put is hands on my stomach, and started to tickle me. We had shut the door so they couldn't hear me laughing my ass off. I tried to stand up, but he pulled me back down on top of him. Our noses were so close they were touching.


"Geez Bella you're heavy."


"Am not."


"I think I know, you're sitting on top of me." I was suddenly aware of what I was sitting on. I smirked. I shifted once, then twice, then a couple more.


"B-Bella.......uughh....fuck."  He bit his lip ring. He held onto my waist as I moved and he squeezed his eyes shut. I put my fingers through his hair and he flipped me off him, so now he was hovering over me and in between my thighs.


"No sex, alright?" I told him.


"I know." he said and crashed his lips onto mine. He began to beg for entrance, but I played hard to get. He tried again but still I didn't let him in. He began to move his hips in a grinding motion on my lady part and I gasped. He took advantage and slipped his toung in my mouth. I tugged on his hair and played with his lip ring with my toung. He started to grind again and his lips moved to my neck. This was an all new experience for me. He sucked and bit down on my neck. I moaned again and I think it turned him on because he slipped his hands underneath my shirt. He cupped and played with my breasts/bra and it made me start to sweat. I glanced at Luke and he had sweat poring down his face, and blue eyes full of lust and hunger. He pulled the shirt over my head and threw it down. He attacked my chest with kissed and love bites, but he didn't take my bra off. He could tell I wasn't ready for that yet. I ripped his shirt off of him, and he was a lot more muscular than he looked with a shirt on. He touched my lower part through my leggings and rubbed up and down, and it felt amazing. I moaned again and again, imagining how loud I could be during real sex with no one around. I pulled his face back up to mine and we started to make out again. The we heard something move outside the door. A knock came.


"Hey Bella? You in there?" asked Ashton. I caught my breath.




"Where's Luke?" he said. I looked at a wide-eyes Luke and he mouthed 'bathroom'.


"I don't know maybe the bathroom."


"Ok." he said and we heard him walk away. Once we heard Ash start to snore again, we started to get dressed again.


"That was awesome Bella." I smiled.


"Well that's was the first time I ever did anything like that."


"You're a natural!!" he whisper shouted. I giggled.


"Alright lets go back to sleep and do not mention this to anyone." I pointed a finger at him. He held his hands up in surrender.


"Yes ma'am." he said. I walked back over to Calums bed and quietly got in. Luke got back on the floor next to Mikey. I was about to close my eyes when Cal whispered something to me.


"You two have fun?" he smiled, but kept his eyes closed. I playfully smacked him on the head.


"Don't say anything to anyone."


"Yes ma'am." he snickered and imitated Lukes voice. I rolled my eyes and then closed them, and soon fell back to sleep.



*Next morning* 


"Wake up sleeping beauty," someone smacked me with a pillow. Calum, I though. That's how he always wakes me up. No Good morning did you sleep well? or Please get up, just a smack in the face with a pillow. They kept telling me to get up, but I ignored them. Well, that is, until Ashton said something:


"Why does it smell like sex in here?" He was in the office. Great. "And I'm assuming it had something to do with Bella 'cuz she's the only girl in here."


"I've never had sex before, stupid." I said, and that was the truth. Complete virgin. "How would you know what sex smells like anyways?" he came out from the office with a cocky grin on his face. He pointed to him self with his thumbs.


"Do you see how good looking I am? Plus I've got a girlfriend."


"You have a girlfriend?" I asked him. He smiled happily and dreamily.


"Yup. 4 years. Nadia. We are going to meet her today!!"


"4 years, wow. I cant wait to meet her!" I said excitedly. Time to get some more girl friends anyways. Ashton ranted on all morning about how amazing she was, how beautiful she was, how smart, loving, caring, athletic, witty, funny...... I could go on forever. From the was he talked Nadia, I felt like I already knew her. We had breakfast brought up to the room like we were in a hotel. Finally 10am came and Ashton exclaimed as he jumped up from his seat and grabbed his keys and phone, "Come on.  We're going to meet Nadia." and he headed out the door.

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