Angel In Disguise

I looked into those piercing green eyes that I had grown to love and told him, "You are an Angel In Disguise."


1. Authors Note 1

Helllooo my peoples. How ya doin? So I started this book because I realized I do not have any normal books. Like, all of them are either about gods and goddesses or vampires and werewolves, so here is a HUMAN story lol. Hope you guys enjoy it and please give me some feedback. I love you and please remember that you are stronger than you think, and do not hurt yourself today. You are loved and if no one will tell you, then I will. My messages are always open (trust me I have no social life thanks to our 4 beloved Aussie idiots ;) , but for real, I will ALWAYS be here for you. If you are having serious issues with yourself or someone/something else or you just want to talk about your day to someone or just want to hear some confidence-boosting encouragement directed towards you, then I'm here to do that. I love ya guys NEVER FORGET THAT!!! XOXO





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