Emily Cohens was never popular, and never considered herself anything close to perfect. Boys never found her attractive and her best friend was a pen pal she met in Disney World when she was 4 years old! One thing leads to another. Popular boy, embaressing videos, running away, what else could go wrong?!


2. The "IT" Girls

       "Emily, I know you know this. Why don't you help Miss Reed won't you?" Mrs. Cavanaugh stared at me with pleading eyes. Gianna Reed was sitting across the room, one of the most popular girls in high school, chewing a huge piece of mint gum, her blue eyes wide staring at me like daggers. Her skinny black dress made her look even more gorgeous than usual. Mrs. Cavanaugh tapped her fingers impatiently on her ruler.

       "Yes, it's umm..x over y." I explained sighing, and closing my notebook. Luckily, the period ended in 3 minutes. I saw Gianna out of the corner of my eye, bounce up to Mrs. Cavanaugh, smile like an angel, and ask to use the ladies room. She tiptoed out of the room innocently. She always did this knowing she would miss the homework assignment and since her father owned like half the school district, I'm pretty sure, the teachers never cared. Not to mention, her super hot boyfriend who was totally in love with her.

          "Have a nice day students. Homework is due tomorrow, all 30 problems!" Mrs. Cavanaugh grinned, she loved the idea of torturing us. I hurried out of class and shoved my books into my locker. If I rushed I could get to the band room to do my math homework, before being told it was gym period right now. I ran down the hallway, and straight into Gianna's sidekick Peyton.

         "Brat, how dare you try to ruin my Calvin Klein, NEW, dress! You monster." she shuddered, fixing her long red hair so it looked perfectly amazing.

        "It was an accident, relax Peyton, you look great." I stared at her as she gasped. Great would never be good enough for her.

         "I look perfect, thank you very much, girl who only ever wears yoga pants. Ever head of jeans, or skirts? I thought so. Anyway, it's gym period right now, so this time you're not getting your tiny butt out of it. Yes, I know all your stupid little hiding spots. Can't hide things from me Cohens!" Peyton glared at me picking up her cherry red lipgloss which had fallen out of her handbag. Right, she was prepared. But, umm..how did she know about the band room, or the library, or the copy room?!

         Peyton strutted down the hallway only pausing to fluff her hair. Brat, always in other peoples business, like it's her job! I hurried to my locker, grabbed my MATHLETES sweatshirt and ran to the gym. Peyton sure knew my secrets and I knew she wasn't going to keep them.




AUTHORS NOTE: I know this chapter wasn't that great but, I wanted to introduce you to Gianna and Peyton and their behavior. The next couple of chapters may not be awesome, but I'm trying! Keep reading! Xoxo

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