Emily Cohens was never popular, and never considered herself anything close to perfect. Boys never found her attractive and her best friend was a pen pal she met in Disney World when she was 4 years old! One thing leads to another. Popular boy, embaressing videos, running away, what else could go wrong?!


1. Introducttion- READ THIS IT'S IMPORTANT!

I'm Emily Cohens, probably the farthest person ever from perfection. I have greasy blond ringlets, green eyes, and fair skin that never, ever, even on the hottest day of summer, ever gets the tinniest bit tan! It's literally like I'm a vampire. Imagine how that goes at school! My mother thinks I'm gorgeous, but it's not like that even counts, especially when you're 16 years old and in high school. In middle school I had a boyfriend, yeah I know crazy right? His name was Earl, yep Earl. All the older girls made fun of me because Earl was always absent, he always had the flu! He was totally into math and science and for some reason I believed he was hot. Don't judge me guys! Well, everyone else does so why wouldn't you? Earl broke up with me when his older brother game him a total summer makeover and suddenly the most popular girl was interested in him. Wow, such a sad story. So here I am, boyfriendless, unpopular, socially awkward, weird, and everyone says I'm fat and stupid. Isn't that beautiful? So I guess you wanna hear about my life now....again awkward. So here it is!
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