Negan's War

Rick's family bring a war to Negan's door and get more than they bargained for. Negan’s own closed minded prejudices may prove to be his downfall, if a nurse named Mandy has anything to say about it.


2. The Assignment

" Mandy, my love! How's it going?"

Mandy didn't look up as she answered him. " He'll live, Negan. The bullet came out in one piece. He could use a pint or two of blood but he seems to be a tough sonofabitch so I think he'll make it." 

" He is indeed. Now..." Negan paused and waited for her to finish the last stitch and trim the thread so he could have her full attention. She turned to meet his eyes, wondering what he had to torture her with now.

" We've sent his group home tonight with a large number of my guys. Am I correct in thinking he shouldn't travel?" Negan used Lucille to point at the man, bits of blood soaked skin and hair stuck to the barbed wire. Mandy saw the bat as he meant her to and she went noticeably pale. She swallowed hard and jerked her eyes away from it. Negan smiled at her enjoying her discomfort.

" He's lost a lot of blood, Negan. He needs two units of blood or at least a unit of plasma, antibiotics to prevent infection and some close care for a few days to ensure he pulls through." 


" Agreed.. Thanks for volunteering. Must be your southern hospitality kicking in." Negan was back mocking her with his warm smile. She looked at him confused,

" Volunteering?" She asked softly.


" He needs 24 hour care for the next few days. Dwight'll take you to Hilltop to see the doctor. He can have one unit of plasma and whatever antibiotics he thinks he needs. And you're assigned to him until I tell you otherwise." His mouth formed a grim flat smile as the impact of his words hit their target. " You'll see to his needs. All his needs." He wiggled his brows at her suggestively, making it perfectly clear on what he meant.

Mandy was breathless with fear as what he said sunk in. " But... you said women have to be willing.." She said shakily.

" All women here that serve me and my men must be willing to share their beds for any special favor or dispensation." No one is taken bu force, that is one of my rules. You know that pretty well, don't you?" 

Her brows drew together in confusion, hearing his question. " But.." 

Negan's short bark of a laugh made her jump. " Mandy.. honey. He's not one of my men. He's just some redneck asshole that fell in with Rick's group. How HE treats women... well, now... that's none of my business." He chuckled as he turned on his heels and exited the RV, leaving her standing in shock.

Mandy turned back to the man slumped over the table, her stomach rolling. He hadn't moved at bit but she was not surprised to see once eye open and she knew he had heard everything Negan said. She tried to swallow her fear and applied another pad of gauze over the stitches and taped it down with shaking fingers.

" Can you sit up?" She asked him quietly. He was cold, shivering uncontrollably  and she knew there was a danger of him going into shock. He sat up slowly and stiffly, trying not to move suddenly but the shivering was not helping him control the pain. He moaned a bit with relief when she gently placed a fleece blanket around him which she had found in a cupboard.

" I'm a nurse.. My name is Mandy. Do you have any other injuries?" She asked. He shook his head slowly, his gaze seemed to see straight through her. He was still shivering violently so she sat down on the bench beside him, trying to spread the blanket out across his back and shoulders. She then slipped her arm around him, being careful to avoid the covered wound on his right shoulder. He stiffened at the contact but then slowly started to relax. Mandy started to rub his back through the blanket with her left hand, while her other hand reached across his body to rub down his bare arm.





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