Negan's War

Rick's family bring a war to Negan's door and get more than they bargained for. Negan’s own closed minded prejudices may prove to be his downfall, if a nurse named Mandy has anything to say about it.


1. Angel's Watch Over Him

It isn't long after Negan's first strike with Lucille into the skull of one of the people he had grown to care about since the world changed that Daryl had passed out from the lack of blood if the gunshot that Dwight gave him earlier in the day, stress and Adrenalin all place their part as consciousness slipped from him.

Mandy was in the RV, desperately trying not to listen to Negan boast, strut and threaten all those poor terrified people. She made herself busy with the practical tasks at hand and was checking what medical supplies she could fin in the RV when she heard the first unmistakable crunch of Negan's bat connecting with a human skull. She jumped at the sound of each subsequent blow, feeling sick and horrified at the wet cracking noise each time he connected. She'd been with his group long enough to have seen Negan at his worst and yet it sill shocked her how brutal and ruthless he could be.


Her fingers shook with fear as she found bandages, gauze , steri-strips and tape as well as some basic medical instruments, iodine, disinfectant spray and ointments. She had hoped that Negan was going to let this person live and maybe that's why he was brought along, to take care of them after he brutalized them. As the additional blows fell, she knew that the chances that Negan wasn't going to let Lucille's new victim live. It was probably already too late. Whatever the outcome, she couldn't bear to peek through the RV window to have a look. 

About twenty minutes later, Negan has stopped battering his victim with the Louisville Slugger baseball bat that he had wrapped in barbed wire and dubbed "Lucille, the sobs and cries also fased away as the remaining people in the other group were removed one by one. The door to the RV swung open, crashing against the side panel and two of Negan's men dragged a third man between them, limp and unconscious into the RV.

" Negan says to clean him up." They dumped him on the bench seat, slumping him over the table and turned to leave when Mandy stopped them.

" What's wrong with him?" She could see there was a lot of blood on his neck, his face was very pale and he had dark rings under his eyes, indicating significant blood loss.


" Dwight shot him this morning." She stared at them in shock. " You mean he's been bleeding like this all day?" Mandy's southern accent was more prominent in stressful situations.


" Yep. Negan wants him to live so you better get to work." They tromped heavily out of the RV, slamming the door behind them. Mandy looked over at the limp man. There was no head wound on him so obviously he wasn't Lucille's latest prize. A blood soaked blanket slipped off his clammy bare shoulder, showing the gunshot wound oozing through his leather vest.

Mandy wasted no time, took the blanket off him, stripped off his leather vest one arm at a time and cut off his blood soaked undershirt. She found the wound to his shoulder and her hands lightly prodded the opposite side on his chest, but she could find no exit wound. So the bullet was still in him. She found a camp lantern and lit it, turning it up bright as it would go and put it on the table beside him. The wound had already nearly stopped bleeding, it was just oozing a bit now.

Looking at the side of his grizzled face under his long damp dark hair, she saw he was out cold. She grabbed the sterilizing spray and some gauze and carefully sprayed and wiped his wound thoroughly. She retrieved the small pair of forceps from the cache of medical supplies she'd found. With her left index finger she prodded the wound, trying to find the bump that indicated where the bullet had come to rest on his shoulder.


Once located, she dug into the wound confidently with the forceps and was able to quickly locate and remove the bullet, followed by blood. She held a pad of gauze over the wound with her left hand to contain the bleed while she looked at the bullet closely in the lamp's light to determine if it had shattered on impact with his shoulder blade. Sh was relieved to see it appeared completely intact although slightly squashed from hitting the large bone. She put the bullet in her pocket.

She pressed the gauze pad to the wound harder, putting solid pressure with the palm of her hand to try to stop the bleeding. While she held her hand down on his shoulder, she started to look over the rest of him for any other injury. She could see some long healed scars on his back, long strips of them. He was fairly muscular with a well-defined back, chest and arms.

Glancing at his leather vest, she could see that one wing on the right had a bullet hole through it. She thought that vest definitely saved his life - slowed the bullet down enough that it couldn't get through the bone of his shoulder blade. She smiled grimly, an angel was looking out for this one.

She lifted the gauze pad to have a look, the blood flow was stopping now. Picking up the little box of medical supplies, Mandy found a sterile package with a needle and another containing sterile surgery silk. She prepared the needle checking once more that he was still out. She removed the gauze and started to stitch the wound closed, working quickly and efficiently. She was just closing up when the RV door opened again. She didn't have to know it was Negan.

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