Two friends from along time ago


1. Two Years Ago

Every year I go on this trip. A very expensive one. One of my best friend's mom had started the trip. It's where we visit every state in three months. Usually we will only make it to about ten states. I was always into photography, and I would make her stop. My friend was too a photographer, but soon got jealous of me and stopped being my best friend, so I went on my own this year. 

I was in a Camp. It was the only place that hadn't been marked on my map of Wisconsin. That's where I met my best-friend. We've talked every day for a week, and then the camp was ending. I was upset I had no Idea what I was about to do. I realized that I had grown feelings for this guy, but since I was a minor I didn't show them. Instead we stayed friends. Then he moved to my home town, and we talked some more. 

I then felt more for the dude, but never told him. Then two weeks later he dated a girl, and ignored me. I was hurt, but most of all like any good friend I let them have their fun. But soon enough my friend stopped being my friend, and we stopped talking. Except the occasional run ins at the store. She was running his life, and I didn't really have a say to my opinion. I had no right to. That would be ruining their relationship, and I wasn't that kind of person. 

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