The run

Daisy is fighting with her grief and self confidence, she had some though years. She just needed to get away.
She have moved to the other side of the World, there is this boy who make her so mad and so happy at the same time.
She can't see how it ever would evolve, she is damage goods, she would just take him with her when she falls.


9. Chapter 9

I woke up with a scream in the middle of the night. My dad wasn’t used to my screaming so he came running into my bedroom, he looked at me to see if I was okay, when he could, he turned around and walked back into bed. The last time he heard me scream was when we still lived in the old house, he probably thought I didn’t had them anymore.

I looked at my phone to see the time. It was 7AM so I decided not to sleep anymore, I wanted to see if Chloe was up with Johanne. I adored my little niece, I would walk through fire for her.

I was lucky Johanne had been screaming all night so Chloe gave me Johanne so she could sleep for a couple of hours. Johanne was tired too so I gave her some warm clothes on so she could sleep in the baby carriage while I walked with her. I loved walking tours, I got to be a part of the nature. Johanne loved it too she got attention and saw new stuff.


We walked into the forest that was nearby. I loved the forest. It was filled with animals and you could sense that they were nearby, they were free without any worries. Johanne was asleep, so I walked around with my own thoughts. I thought of the time I broke my nose. I had been 8 years old and the whole class had been to the forest for a day out in the nature. Some friends and I had played a game where one is the hunter and the rest should hide. You win the game if the hunter doesn't catch you before you had touched the treasure. In this case the three was the treasure. The hunter normally stands near the treasure but sometimes they are bold enough to get a little further away. The three stood on a hill and everybody had ran down the hill while I was hiding up the hill. The hunter went down after the others so I saw my cut to get to the three before the hunter catched me. I ran down as fast as I could but I couldn’t stop again. I ran into the three with my face first. I had my pink Superman shirt on. It was my favorite. There was blood all over me and the three. I had passed out for a minute when I hit it, I woke up when one of the others had seen my accident and pulled med away from the three. The teacher came down and wiped the blood away from my face. She said I looked fine and my house wasn’t far away so she called James and asked if he could walk me home. James was happy, he got the rest of the day off from school. My head hurted and there was blood all over my shirt. We came home and dad was there. The school had called ahead and informed him what had happened, they had told him that my head hurted a little bit but it wasn’t something to worry about. When we walked through the door my dad looked at me and sent my out in the car. We had to get to the hospital, so we left James home alone. He was old enough for that and he had his computer so it was fine. The doctor said that my nose was broken and I had gotten a head injury so we should keep an eye on me and see if I puked. My dad was furious. The school had sent me home with a little headache and said everything was fine that I just needed some rest. He called my teacher and got her to apologize, the school did to.

Johanne ripped me out of the memory with her scream. She was awake now and wanted some food. At all luck I had some food for her, it must have been Chloe who had packed the bag. Johanne got her food and stopped screaming, she looked around and pointed to different stuff. I told her what they were called.


“That is a three” My voice sounded so happy and curious.

“That is a leaf”

“Can you see the fox?” I pointed in the direction where I had seen it.

Johanne love this game, she keeps pointing at everything on the way home.

When we got home everyone was awake, Chloe and James was eating breakfast while dad was out in the garden to feed his fish. He loved those fish so much, sometimes I wondered if he loved them more than us.


“Welcome home, have you corrupted my daughter?”


“Not yet, but just wait it will happen one day”

James took Johanne and swung her around. She laughed her cute baby laugh. I went out in the kitchen to get some food, I was starving I hadn’t been eating since yesterday.


“What are the plans for today?” I wanted to do something as a family.


“I think dad is busy, but we were planing to visit great grandma”


“He is always busy so no news there, but can I come and visit her too?” I looked forward to see her.


“Yeah of course, we leave in an hour”


“Yep” I ate my breakfast and took a shower, it was an hour drive to great grandma. Johanne was fresh after her nap so she sat and looked out of the window and pointed toward stuff the whole way.

The name of the city were great grandma live is Gilleleje, it’s an old harbour city and there is a lot of tourists in the summer but in the winter time the city is dead. Back under world war 2 did the local people smuggle the jews to Sweden so they were safe. Great grandma had a big role in the system because she kept them hidden in the attic until there was a boat they could come with.

We arrived at great grandma’s place, I loved being here because of the silence. Her neighbors wasn’t as old as her and she always complained about that they all died before her. I was sad on her behalf but I was also glad that she was still alive. I don’t know what I should do without her.

James went over and gave her a hug, Chloe did the same while Johanne ran inside her house.

I was the last to give her a hug. She didn’t know I was coming so she had tears in her eyes when she saw me.


“Oh Daisy! I have missed you so much! When did you arrive?” She walked toward me to give me my hug. She was shrunk a lot since last time, but she still looked amazing.


“I have missed you too” It was amazing to hug her again, I have wanted to hug her since I left for New York.

“It is so good to see you grandma, you look good” I walked her inside so she could sit down. She waved me off with her hand in a gesture there signaled that she was too old to look good.

She always did that.

She came into her small house. Her house was a part of the communes care for the elderly, so there was only the most necessary needs as a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The living room and the kitchen was at the same room. Her bathroom was made for people who sat in a wheelchair but since she didn’t do that was the bathroom way too big for her. All of her furniture was old, my dad told me that she also had them when he was a kid. She always talked about which furnitures she wanted us to inheritage, we had told her we would make sure that it happened that way but she wouldn’t die until she was 110.

Johanne ran around while Chloe looked after her. James talked with grandma while I put cookies, soda and a beer on the table. The beer was for grandma.

Grandma loves to talk so she was the one who talked the most of the time. She also loves to feet Johanne with strange food, so Johanne knew where she should go if she wanted food.


“So have you found yourself a fiancee Daisy?” The first person I thought of was Nate, I thought that chapter was over, but I still dreamt of him. But to find a fiancee did I need to find a boyfriend first.


“No, not yet” I wished I wasn’t this damaged so I could take a chance with Nate.


“You are young so no need to hurry” She smiled her beloved smile.


“But I want to hold a little child in my hands again” This time she looked at James and Chloe.

James and Chloe looked at each other, Chloe nodded a little nod before James answered.


“Actually,  are you going to be a great great grandma this summer” James smiled a big smile. I came with a outburst.


“What?! Are you pregnant again?” I smiled and walked over to Chloe to give her a hug.


“Oh. This is so wonderful! I have to tell it to Viggo” Viggo is grandma’s friend, James and I says it’s her boyfriend but she keeps denying it. Grandma clapes in her hands of joy.


“When is the due date?” I hoped it was when I had vacation so I could come and visit them.


“The 21. June” I didn’t have vacation at that time.


“Oh. Then I have to wait a month or some before I can visit you guys” Some of my happiness was gone now.


“Maybe that is also for the best. We need time to get home and get everything under control and Johanne needs to get use to it” What James didn’t understood was that I wanted to be there to help them.


“You have to visit me more often” Grandma took James’ hands and hold them in hers.


“Of course we will” Chloe took Johanne on her lap and sat down in the couch.

We stayed at grandma’s place a little further and then drove home. James and Chloe told dad and Alex that they was expecting a child to June. Alex reacted with a big outburst and two big hugs for them and a small one for Johanne. Dad gave his congratulations and that was it. I knew he looked forward to it, because when he is with Johanne he is lighting up in a way I haven’t seen since mom died.

The week was over way too fast.  James and Chloe went home to Aalborg and I stayed here with dad. Dad had been working intense the last week, so maybe if I was lucky he would relax a little bit the rest of the time I would be home.

Dad’s new girlfriend came over for dinner so I could get to know her. She was sweet but very different from my dad and specially from my mom. It was weird because I always thought that my dad would find a woman like my mom or none at all. But this woman seemed right to him, she was strong all the places where my dad was weak and the other way around. Charlotte is a colorful woman, she smiles and laughs a lot. She make you feel safe immediately. I didn’t feel the same feeling about her kids. Danielle was very smart no doubt about that, but she couldn’t choose what she wanted to do the rest of her life. That irritated me a lot, because dad have always taught us to choose and stick with it, we are not quitters in our family. Maybe I was jealous of her because she had her free will to choose what she wanted.
Storm was irritating as a brother. He was only 15 so he was still a child. It was hard to know that we was about to become a bigger family now, I had always been used to a small so it was kind of overwhelming. My hardest time was with Rose. We were on the same age and we were so different. She had a boyfriend, I didn’t. She had confidence, well we now I didn’t have that. Everybody loved her, I was lucky if I could get people to smile. Let’s just say it wasn’t easy between her and I. I actually looked forward to get back to NY just so I could get some normality back.

Christmas eve did we spend with Charlotte and Co. Alex was there too, but James and Chloe was at Chloe’s parents home. I was going back the day before New Year. I had promised Sky to celebrate New Year with her so I could try the American way, next year should I show her the Danish way. Not that it is so different, but I think she thinks that.

My dad and Charlotte drove me to the airport, I really liked Charlotte but I thought it all was going a little too fast. Mom died 2,5 year ago, dad was already on his second girlfriend and had a child with his first. I know this is his way of dealing the grief but it is hard to think about that mom didn’t mean more to him than he was over her so fast.

I took my bags and hugged dad and Charlotte, I was on my way back to NY now. I hope I get to see Nate some more. I had missed him even though I shouldn’t do that. Why can’t I just forget about him? I don’t even know him so why does it feels like he had taken over my brain and body?


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