The run

Daisy is fighting with her grief and self confidence, she had some though years. She just needed to get away.
She have moved to the other side of the World, there is this boy who make her so mad and so happy at the same time.
She can't see how it ever would evolve, she is damage goods, she would just take him with her when she falls.


8. Chapter 8

The trip was long but it was worth it. I looked forward to see them all, specially Johanne and my great grandma. I couldn’t speak with my great grandma that often because she is 97 years old and can’t use Skype only phone and that is expensive if I talk with her too often.


I didn’t have a big family only a few people was left. After my mom died my grandma cut us off. Or we cut her of. She didn’t wanted to have anything to do with Alex because she said she couldn’t handle his disability but that was just bullshit. She had handled it  while mom lived so why not now? James and I cut her of. We didn’t wanted anything to do with her as long she didn’t wanted anything to do with Alex, it wasn't fair to him. Specially because he was the one who always called and helped her if she needed it. Our great grandma was a tough lady. She had lived under world war 2 and helped jews getting to Sweden. She had helped her mother raise 4 kids were she was the oldest. MY great grandma got divorced from a man she didn’t loved and that wasn’t something you did back then, but I think she got the strenght to do that because of her mother. My great great grandma got divorced back in the 1800 century and back then it was social suicide if you did that. My great grandparents was awesome. I hope to be as tough and strong as them one day.


My great grandma is a funny lady, she says her mind no matter what, and her excuse is that she is old. She forget everything so you have to tell her the same things over and over again, but it is okay we are used to it.

At every christmas I give her this special calendar with jokes from her childhood, she gets so surprised every year.

My great grandma loved my great grandpa so much and when he died,  he took the half of her heart with her. She was down for many years and just when she came on top and looked forward to life,my mom died. It has taken hard on her because she and my mom was close. We didn’t really speak with my dad’s parents so my great grandma saw my mom as her own daughter. We are a small family but we are close and we stick together.

I had to get some sleep so I could catch up some of the jet lag I knew I would get when I landed in Copenhagen.

I wish I hadn’t slept because I dreamed of Nate running after me in the airport. It was this big romantic gesture I knew would never happen in real life only in books and movies.

But he ran after me and stopped me right before I went on the plane, he took me in his arms and said that he loved me. That was just stupid because we hadn’t spend so much time together and only shared a few informations and kisses. But he loved me in my dream and said I couldn’t travel and if I did would he come with me. I woke up right after that, so it was kind of a cliffhanger dream. I hated those that meant I had to imagine it all again before I went to bed so I could get a closure on it. But did I need a closure on this dream? I wasn’t sure if it was a bad excuse to dream about him again or to hear that he loved me. Maybe both.

We had been in the air for 8 hours now so one hour left and I would be standing in my dad’s arms. I wasn’t a little girl anymore, but because I had been far away home this long I just wanted to hug him. I wasn’t the big hugger but I needed it now.

I stepped out of the plane and loved the cold air that hit my face. I had to go and find my luggage before I could go out to my dad. I don’t have the biggest patience so I hated this part of the trip.

Someone grabbed my arm and turned me around. I was shocked.

Thea hugged me.


“What are you doing here?! I thought you were in the states?” Her smile was so big.


“I was. But I’m home on holiday. What are you doing here?” I didn’t smile.


“I’m just arriving from China, my brother and I have been there for a week. It was amazing!
and Thomas is coming there!” She waved him over to us.

I didn’t wanted to talk to them, I just wanted to get my luggage and then disappear, but it would be rude and my luggage havn’t arrived yet so I stayed. Thomas walked over to us, I haven't seen him since Thea’s and my graduation two years ago. Thomas was 3 years older so he was done with college if he had started in the first place, I didn’t know. Thomas was a classic scandinavian guy. Blond hair, tall, blue eyes and filled with muscles. Thea looked alot like her brother except from the muscles, she was a model when she wasn’t out travelling for fun.


“Hi” Thomas didn’t smiled for me, thank God at least that meant I didn’t have to pretend to like him.


“Hi” I just stood there, I didn’t knew what to say or do. I just waited for my bag to arrive so I could get away. Thea talked about her trip and how amazing it had been and that she wanted to go back there. She said she had been treated like God because of the blond hair, blue eyes and the height.

I found my bag and saw my cut to get away from them. I just wanted to get out and get to feel the breeze again.

My dad was easy to find, he stood over in the end of the line of over enthusiastic people. All these people was here to get loved ones home from there trip. They all smiled except my dad. I know he is happy to see me, but he could at least send me a smile or something.


“Hi, we have to hurry out because I only have 15 minutes free parking ” That’s it. No hug from him or anything else. Just a simple hi and hurry up. That’s my dad.


We walked out to the car and got out right before the 15 minutes ended. It cost a fortune to park at the airport.


“So how is school?” I give him an A for effort.


“It’s great. The classes is super and the school is just amazing”


“What about friends?” That was a new question. He usually just small talked, he never asked into these kind of stuff.


“I have gotten some good friends. I met them at pottery. They are kind of special you know, they go in weird clothes but they are sweet” I didn’t know how to describe Nathalie's weird clothes, Viktors normality compared to the others and Sky’s warming personality. I wanted him to meet them so he could see that they were good people.


“You can come and visit me, then you can see where I live now and meet my friends” I had never asked him to do this before.


“I can’t. I’m too busy” The truth is that he have the time for it but he won’t.


“Okay, I understand” That actually hurted me. He hadn't seen me in six months and he didn’t even wanted to visit me and see my new life.


I fell asleep in the car. I didn’t want to talk anymore and my jet lag overwhelmed me. When I was a little girl I got carsick all the time and there was only three things that helped. A pill an hour before the ride, my head out of the window so I could get some air or sleep. Sleep was always the best solution so I didn’t have a problem sleeping in vehicles anymore. I was sure that I wouldn’t get a nightmare in the car because we shouldn’t be here that long, we would be home soon. 

I woke up when my dad drove into the driveway. I could feel the feeling of home in my veins. I needed this, I really did. All my tensions on Campus left my shoulders, all my thoughts of Nate did I lock up behind a door in my brain with a sign ‘Don’t enter. Danger’. Danger for my heart that was what it was.

I had only lived in this house for a couple of years so it wasn’t the house my brothers and I had grown up in. But I had lived here long enough to call it home. The house was old and had a main house where there was two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, livingroom, diningroom and a hallway. It was big for only two people. My dad had a very classic style. He didn’t like colors that much but the few that was here I picked when we moved in.

There was also a small building on the left of the house. It had been an old stable back in the days but it have been renovated so now there was two bedrooms, a small kitchen and a bathroom. That building had been mine, so I walked toward there to get rid of my things.

My dad stopped me and said I should sleep in the main house. I didn’t get why because I had not been sleeping over there before.

When I got into the main house everyone was there. James, Carol, Johanne, Alex and my great grandma of course. But to the left there was a woman and three people I didn’t knew.


The woman was on my dad's age, she was pretty with her blond long hair and wrinkles in her face so you could see that she smiled a lot. The three people at her left was a woman who was on James age, she was beautiful too and looked alot like the older woman. It must be her daughter or some other relative to her. There was also a girl a little younger than me maybe, she was blond too and I was sure that they were siblings. The last stranger was a boy. He looked like he was 15 or something like that. He had light brown hair and it was longer than mine so it was is a ponytail. He was tall and shy.

Alex was the first one to hug me, he almost squeezed all the air out of me so James had to pull him away. He gave me the hug I had needed since I landed. Chloe gave me a light hug and gave me Johanne so I could hold her.


My dad had taken the older woman in his hand and introduced us. I found out that her name was Charlotte and she and my dad was dating. I looked at James to see if he had known about this but it didn’t look like it. The other strangers was her kids. I found out that the girl actually was a woman. She was only 6 months younger than me. The oldest of them was Daniella , then Rose and the boy, Storm. They seemed nice but I had a hard time getting used to this arrangement. I just came home from the US after being gone for six months and I had only planned to be home for three weeks where it would only be me and my family, not some strangers too.

I have to find my positive and polite side and show them. Charlotte asked a lot into our lives, it was quite intimidating because none of us was used to share this kind of informations with anyone. Chloe answered for her and James, she came from a large family where everyone shared everything so she was used to this. After a couple of hours small talking and getting overwhelmed with these new informations, I said that I needed sleep because of the jetlag.


James and Chloe should stay here a week. They lived in my old room so I knew I would get to see them a lot. I hoped I got time to talk with James about our dad’s new girlfriend before I saw them again.


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